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Have evolved over the years sometimes accident.


Have evolved over the years sometimes accident.

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Rather than simply grabbing a screenshot of a landing page and a link and adding it to your online portfolio, writing up an engaging case study on your work can be a lot more worthwhile. Case studies don’t need to be lengthy essays; they just need to give readers a taste of your process and provide some insight into the challenges you’ve faced over the course of a web build and how you solved them.

Instead, go minimalist when planning the design. Think of the space as a gallery wall to showcase your work. But you can (and should) get clever with presentation. Simple screenshots of your websites won’t engage the reader. Instead, consider exhibiting your work in modern frames, with immersive features, or visualized inside their natural habitat: digital screens.

For example: Even if the client’s purpose for hiring you was to create a fresh face for their brand, this ambition unveils their desire to benefit from a modern website. (See what we’re getting at?) Think critically about the ways their old website disadvantaged their business, and you’re guaranteed to uncover challenges that are worth a story. 

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