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Hisbah Apprehends 11 Muslims in Kano State for Eating During Ramadan


Hisbah Apprehends 11 Muslims in Kano State for Eating During Ramadan

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Hisbah Apprehends 11 Muslims in Kano for Breaking Ramadan Fast

In Kano, the Hisbah Board’s Department of Public Enlightenment made headlines when they arrested 11 Muslims caught eating during the holy month of Ramadan. The group, comprised of 10 men and one woman, was taken into custody after being spotted consuming food despite the fasting obligations.

According to Lawal Fagge, the spokesperson for Hisbah, the arrests occurred following reports from vigilant individuals who witnessed the act. Among those detained was a woman selling groundnuts who was seen eating from her merchandise. The other 10 individuals were men apprehended in various parts of the city, particularly near bustling market areas.

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Upon their arrest, the individuals were released after providing assurances not to willfully break their fast again. They solemnly pledged to adhere strictly to the fasting requirements for the remainder of Ramadan.

Fagge emphasized that the enforcement operations by Hisbah would persist, with a focus on upholding the sanctity of Ramadan. However, he clarified that non-Muslims were exempt from such interventions. He noted that the only instance where non-Muslims might face scrutiny is if they were found preparing food for sale specifically intended for fasting Muslims.

For those who were detained, their release was contingent on promises to observe fasting practices going forward. In some cases, Hisbah officials reached out to their relatives or guardians to ensure compliance and to enlist family support in monitoring their fasting adherence.

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