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Hoplites Sickle Cell Foundation Hosts Sickle Cell Warriors For A Valentine’s Spe


Hoplites Sickle Cell Foundation Hosts Sickle Cell Warriors For A Valentine’s Spe

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Warriors’ Hangout is specifically designed for people with sickle cell disease, their families, and caregivers. Through Warriors Hangout, those affected by sickle cell disease have access to a community of peers who can provide much-needed support and understanding.

The Valentine’s Day special edition of The Warriors Hangout 2.0, which took place on February 18, 2023, at a Wingist restaurant in Wuse 2, Abuja, was a success because sickle cell warriors from the maiden edition was able to reunite despite the current difficult economic situation in Nigeria due to scarcity of cash, this time inviting new sickle cell patients.

It was a lovely occasion, moderated by Miss Anna Ochigbo and featuring Dr. Beckley Emmanuel, a physician who also happens to have sickle cell disease.

There were several topics covered, including different types of sickle cell crises, how to prevent and handle each one, depression and suicidal thoughts by sickle cell warriors, as well as drug addiction. In addition to the conversation, there were also questions and answers, food and drink, music, games, and prizes. Everyone who attended the event learned more about the illness and their role in taking control of their own lives.

Among the sponsors who made this event possible were Amstel Malta, Wingist Foundation, Precious HMO, Rilex Imagery, Film Avenue, and KFA Kitchen. The event could not have happened without their kind generosity.