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How 2023 presidential election turned entertainers against one another


How 2023 presidential election turned entertainers against one another

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The recent presidential elections undoubtedly caused rancour among some entertainers. From the campaign season to when the election eventually took place last Saturday, some entertainers constantly attacked themselves for various reasons. Saturday Beats takes a look at some of these entertainers and how they got dirty with one another.

1. Destiny Etiko/Lizzy Gold/Zicsaloma vs Eniola Badmus

Actresses, Destiny Etiko and Lizzy Gold; lashed out at their colleague, Eniola Badmus, after the latter posted some kampalas (fabric) on Instagram, which she claimed would be used to celebrate the victory of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress. It is pertinent to note that Badmus posted the picture on Sunday when the Independent National Electoral Commission was still collating the result of the election.

Etiko posted a screenshot of Badmus and the fabric on social media with the caption, “They are already even selling ‘aso-ebi’. I cannot believe this. Are you not so useless and senseless, this woman?”

Also, popular skit maker, Aloma Isaac, aka Zicsaloma, supported Etiko, writing, “My sister, I shock too (sic). All these things happening mean nothing to them. (They are) just interested in him (Tinubu) being declared winner, even if people are being killed and the country is on fire. Sentiment over logic.”

In response, Badmus warned Etiko not to ‘drag’ her. She wrote under Etiko’s post, “Aunty, don’t come for me. You are not Uber. That post is just cruise. Don’t take it too serious. It is copied cruise.”

On her part, Lizzy Gold wrote on Instagram, “Eniola, you are very stupid. You are making ‘kampala’ for swearing-in. Useless human being. (You are among the) people who do not care about the progress of Nigeria. Fool.”

2. Iyabo Ojo vs Adam Kehinde (Lege Miami)

Actress, Iyabo Ojo, had consistently said her preferred presidential candidate was Peter Obi of the Labour Party. Although she came under attack for her choice, she still maintained her stance, even after Obi lost the elections.

Last Saturday, she posted updates of Obi winning several polling units but her colleague, Adams Kehinde, aka Lege Miami, cautioned her to stop it.

He said, “I can’t keep quiet again. As a citizen of Nigeria, please, let INEC have the final say. Madam Iyabo Ojo, you are the one I’m talking to. You are posting fake results to convince (sic) people in Nigeria. Please, all Nigerians, Iyabo Ojo is posting fake results.”

In another post, Ojo made it clear that she had benefitted from Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, who is a loyalist of Tinubu. Nevertheless, she vowed not vote for Tinubu.

She said, “I believe that he (Tinubu) is an excellent and brilliant person, but I also believe that he is old and his health would not allow him to see to the problems of the country. Nigeria’s problem is significant, and (the) man needs to be resting right now, (while) giving orders to those he would choose to lead us. I see him as a kingmaker, a godfather; but, I do not see him as my president.”

In the midst of that, another actress, Dayo Amusa, wrote on Instagram, “When he was paying your children’s school fees, he wasn’t a thug. When he was paying your children’s birthday party bills, he wasn’t a thug. When he was sponsoring your flight tickets, he wasn’t a thug. When he was lodging you and your children in hotel for weeks, when depression wanted to kill you, he wasn’t a thug. When he was paying your new house mortgage, he wasn’t a thug. Bloody ingrate!”

However, Amusa did not mention any name, and Ojo insisted that she was not talking to her, as some of the points she raised did not apply to her. She said, “Dayo Amusa was not referring to me, because I am not one of the ladies he paid hotel bills for. Dayo Amusa might choose not to mention the name of the person she’s referring to but that is definitely not me, because MC Oluomo did not pay for my mortgage and has never paid for it. I don’t even think we have ever had that discussion.”

3. Georgina Onuoha vs Chioma Akpotha

On the day of the election, actress, Chioma Akpotha, made a video reporting how thugs attacked her polling unit and disorganised the voting process. While several individuals hailed her for the post, her colleague, Georgina Onuoha, mocked her.

According to Onuoha, Akpotha had no moral justification to complain about election intimidation, claiming that she (Akpotha) tried to shut her up for complaining about same thing in 2019.

She said, “So, this is Chioma screaming at the top of her lungs. I hope she is safe. I wish her well and I pray her vote counts. That being said, this same Chioma had the temerity, four years ago, to tell me that my post would create riots, and that the election was safe and free.

“Many of our celebrities are compromised. They are all about their brands and stomach infrastructure. Fast forward today, and here she is, shouting like a cow for safety.

“I bet the last four years has not favoured her; hence, the change of heart. I am glad she had this experience today but came out safe. I wish her well and I hope she learns from this experience that one cannot be in bed with the devil and have the moral authority to call it out.”

Responding, Akpotha said, “I am using this medium to ask Georgina Onuoha to present evidence that any politician, dead or alive, paid me to campaign for him four years ago, and even this year, as she has constantly insinuated. Failure to do so, she will be hearing from my lawyers. God bless Nigeria.”

4. Adunni Ade vs Bukky Raji and Kudi Alagbo

On Sunday, an actress, Adunni Ade, called out some Yoruba actresses who she claimed campaigned for a particular politician for peanuts. She said, “A lot of you left your homes, sat in a place for two months and were paid peanuts. You guys fought yourselves; yet, they paid you peanuts. I have a screenshot of someone who got N90,000 after wasting his damn life for two months campaigning for someone.

“You were under the sun, receiving abuses and curses. Like I said before, you can vote for whoever you want, but always let your guilty conscience poke you.”

In a swift response, another actress, Bukky Raji, aka Aminatu Papapa, said, “I don’t like to come on social media to shout and make noise. Adunni Ade, or what are they calling you? Are you mad? You said, ‘they went to work for 40 days but they gave them peanut money’. What is your business?

“Did they tell you that it was for money we went there or for the love we have for Asiwaju? Who is giving you wrong information? Who are you? You are the queen of ‘runs’ girls. Recently, you got pregnant for someone’s husband and went to abort it.”

Yet another actress, Kudi Alagbo, lambasted Ade, stating that Ade’s house had no furniture in it.

5. Nasboi vs Abraham, Badmus and Seyi Law

A skit maker, Lawal Nasiru, aka Nasboi, called out some of his colleagues over their support for Tinubu. According to him, he was disappointed by their choice, despite reports of rigging during the election.

He wrote on Instagram, “Dear Eniola Badmus, Toyin Abraham and Seyi Law, did you witness the riggings? You saw videos, right? Are you proud? I regret ever looking up to you guys. I am not sure I did.”

6. Peter Okoye vs Seun Kuti

Some weeks before the election, there had been an online drama between singers, Peter Okoye of P-Square; and Seun Kuti. The latter had described Obi, who is Okoye’s preferred presidential candidate, as an opportunist. However, his comment did not go down well with Mr P, as Okoye is also called. He accused Kuti, who is a son of afrobeat icon, Fela Kuti, of living off his late father’s legacy.