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S*x Drive: How to decrease your libido in 5 ways


S*x Drive: How to decrease your libido in 5 ways

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How to decrease your libido
How to decrease your libido

Some people worry that their libido is too high. A high libido is generally not something to be worried about unless it’s having a negative impact in your life or relationships.

If your high libido is disrupting your life or your s3xual activity seems out of control, it may be a sign of hypers3xuality or what has traditionally be referred to as s3x addiction.

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What is Libido?

Meaning of libido

Your libido is commonly referred to as your s3x drive, it’s your emotional and mental desire for s3x. Weather repeatedly or consistently.

Your libido lives within you and varies widely between people depending on your hormone. What you experience as normal libido might be higher or lower than what somebody else experiences.

There are some factors that can influence your libido to either increase or decrease.

These factors are;

  1. Age
  2. Hormone levels
  3. Stress levels
  4. Changes in your sexual relationships
  5. Fatigue
  6. Illness
  7. Medications
  8. Your personal beliefs and attitudes toward sex

How can I decrease my libido?

How to decrease your libido in 5 ways

If you feel that your libido is too high and its having a negative impact on your life, here are some few ways to help you control or decrease it.

1. Diet

Some research suggests that there are some dietary changes you can make that may have an effect on your libido. But many practical dietary changes you can make to lower your s3x drive may compromise your overall health so, it’s vice-versa.

Aphrodisiacs are the foods or medications that can increase your libido while anaphrodisiacs are the opposite. They’re foods or medications that lower your libido.

Although most times, people’s uses herbs in trying to decrease or increase their libido but medically, it is not adviced but it can cause you more harm than good.

People with poor nutrition often have low s3x drives and experience s3xual dysfunction. See your doctor if you make any nutritional changes and it result in s3xual dysfunction.

2. Psychotherapy

If your doctor doesn’t suspect that your high libido has a physical cause, they may recommend that you seek therapy or counseling.

Speaking with a therapist can help you uncover reasons that may be triggering your experience of high libido and they can help you with some techniques to manage it.

Therapy sessions can come in many forms, including one-on-one, family, or group. It’s up to you to decide which you’re most comfortable with when it comes to discussing your s3x drive or s3x life.

3. Work on your relationships

If you’re currently in a relationship but not satisfied with your s3x life, you may want to discuss this with your partner to come to a mutual consensus as to how sex can be fully satisfying for both of you.

If you’re not currently in a s3xual relationship but would like to be, be transparent with your potential partners about your expectation in a s3xual relationship and communicate openly about what you do and don’t like.

4. Medication

In some cases, your doctor may recommend medications to reduce your s3xual urges, these drugs may include:

  1. Corticosteroids
  2. Chemotherapy or radiation
  3. Hormones for prostate cancer
  4. Opioids like morphine (MorphaBond) and oxycodone (OxyContin)
  5. Ketoconazole, an antifungal medication
  6. Cimetidine (Tagamet), for heartburn and reflux conditions
  7. Anabolic steroids for building muscle
  8. Antidepressants

If you’re currently on medication, you may want to talk to your doctor to see if your use of prescribed medications may be influencing your s3x drive.

5. Stop illicit drug use (hard drugs)

Cocaine and methamphetamines are two illicit drugs that can increase your s3x drive, and reducing their use can help lower your s3x drive.

Quitting these types of drugs can be difficult all by yourself, but with the help of your loved once and trusted friends who are not into the same deal with you, it is easier to conquer.

Final thoughts on how to decrease your libido;

Seek solutions immediately once you feel any abnormalities in your s3x drive. That is the only way you cam have a smooth running relationship with your partner.

Never feel ashamed to talk about it or discuss it with either your therapist or partner because once it damaged you, it will be too late to get help.

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