How to Generate Electricity From Salt, Water And Electrolyte For Free

How to generate electricity from salt, water and electrolyte for free
How to generate electricity from salt and water

Do you know that with just your 50 naira salt and water, you can generate electricity for your entire household? This is how. Follow every line and procedures in this article to generate electricity at home and save yourself the stress of paying NEPA bills or waiting for NEPA’s to bring light.

But before I proceed, let’s quickly look at the poor supply of electricity in this country. Nigeria as a whole is really suffering from power supply, this has pushed many people out of the country, majority of the average Nigerians have to provide generator or solar for themselves but how about those who doesn’t have money to get all of these for themselves?

These bad situation have gotten the attention of technicians to carryout researches on how they can generate electricity on their own. Among all the researches, generating electricity from salt, water and electrolyte is the most cheapest and simplest method. It is less stressful and less dangerous, full current electricity is also guaranteed. Let’s get down to the main purpose of this article.

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How to Generate Electricity From Salt, Water And Electrolyte For Free

How to generate electricity from salt, water and electrolyte for free

Before I head down to the procedures, let me quickly list out the items needed to perform this task.

Items needed to generate free electricity at home

  1. 50 naira salt
  2. Water
  3. 2 Bucket (iron/rubber)
  4. 5inchs nail
  5. Bulb (Any wax or colour)
  6. Lamp holder
  7. Electrolyte
  8. Wiring cable

Procedures to follow in generating free electricity at home

Stated below are the free procedures to help you generate electricity from your comfort zone without seeking for anyone’s help.

  1. Get your preferred bulb of any wax with a wiring cable and a lamp holder
  2. Connect the lamp holder to the wire to have a positive and negative end (HOW? open the wiring cable so you can have two cables inside usually of different colour like red and black, cut each wire with a razor or plier until it brings the iron part of it and connect it with your lamp holder)
  3. Fix your bulb into the lamp holder
  4. Proceed to your two bucket and set them aside differently
  5. Use a rubber pale to measure the water into the bucket twice or more (depending on the type of pale you are using)
  6. Add your sachet of salt into the water on the two bucket and turn until it’s fully dissolved(1 sachet for each bucket)
  7. After dissolving the salt on the water, mark one of the bucket as the positive part to differentiate it from the negative.
  8. After differentiating the buckets, use a tin tomato container to measure the electrolyte and pour it on the positive already dissolved water and stir (once)
  9. Take your bulb connected to your lamp holder and cut the two wires again to bring out the iron part of it and connect them to your 5inches nail (1 nail for each wire)
  10. Finally, after connecting them to your nail, take it to the bucket and deep the positive wire into the positive bucket first and do the same to the negative wire and the negative bucket. Then boom, lights on.

Very easy right?

These are just the simple steps in generating free electricity with just salt and water. You can click to watch the video guide below. Let me know if you are interested to learn how to turn bread into a cooking gas by dropping your comments down under this post.

Watch the video below:

Free electricity from salt and water

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    1. Electrolyte I bought from people selling battery didn’t work. Please is that one different from the one people are selling electronic’s shop?

  1. My name is AbdulAzeee Alarape please, Explain the different in between electrolyte for battery and electrolyte for electricity because I don’t know which one is useful this work. Thanks.