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How to Identify a Scam Job Interview Invitation


How to Identify a Scam Job Interview Invitation

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How to identify a scam job invitation – 90% of people keeps complaining bitterly about their ordeal in the hands of fake scam companies who invite people for interview only to introduce them to fake drug marketing business.

How to Identify a Scam Job Interview Invitation

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I am writing this article not just because these companies waste people’s time, energy and transport fair going to such interviews, but also because most of these scammers extort money from helpless job seekers thereby making their suffering double.

Imagine a scammer extorting N10,500 from a graduate who have been unemployed for years, not to talk of the transport fare wasted going to such fruitless interviews or job chat as they usually call it.

Some people even borrow money to pay these sheep in wolves clothing, who promise them heaven on earth.

Some of them will tell you that you will make half a million within 1 month and all that. If you’re not careful, you will take a loan that you will not be able to repay thus causing embarrassment and lack of rest of mind.

An unemployed person should have only himself to worry about, not having debts also.

So I believe that if we are properly guided, we will not fall into the hands of these scammers.

Having said that, there are ways in which you can identify a fake or scam interview invitation in order for you to avoid wasting your time and money.

The good thing is that most of their messages come in the same format, so you will easily know that its fake. Listed below are;

How to identify a scam job interview invitation

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  1. The message doesn’t have a company name: Most of these scammers won’t include their names on the message you will receive. All you will see are the address, the time and date and a phone number. A genuine company will not hide its identity from a potential employee.
  2. The message will say “interview/job briefing”: whatever job briefing means I don’t know, instead of job description and overview of the company.
  3. You will see a code or reference number: Something like “HR=0056” or “REF=002”. This is usually the code number of the person who invited you to the “job briefing”.
  4. It usually contain series of phone numbers: This is the number of your referer. Most genuine companies don’t give phone numbers but if really important, you will be referred to their company’s website where you will see their phone numbers and every other details.
  5. You will see something like HR Admin in the message instead of the company’s name
  6. If you call their number, they will be reluctant to give info on the company: Most times they are usually harsh if you question them. The most painful part is that, the numbers you will be given to call is usually different from the number written on the sms sent to your phone.

Also note: Ignore those people sharing job flyers on the streets except it’s from a popular company like jiji, jumia, and others.

Also run away from those ones they usually paste on walls seeking for sales girl or boy to be paid 30k or 50k. Those are scammers and some ritualists too.

Most of these so called agencies are avenues for duping unsuspecting job seekers. Pls shine your eyes very well especially in Abuja or Lagos.

Have you had any experiences in the hands of these scammers? kindly share it under the comment section so that others can learn and avoid them too. Like it, share it and follow our Facebook page for more updates.