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How To Import Cheap Clothes From China to Nigeria


How To Import Cheap Clothes From China to Nigeria

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How To Import Cheap Clothes From China to Nigeria
How To Import Cheap Clothes From China to Nigeria

Have you been looking for how to import cheap clothes from china to Nigeria? Well, the main focus of this article is to show you the best route follow to import products directly from china, straight to Africa (Nigeria precisely).

Clothing is a necessity for every man living on Earth. Almost all women love to go shopping, not to mention men, who don’t talk much about it, but buy a lot nonetheless! The demand for clothing in the world market, whether casual or party, has seen a graph that increases linearly every day and if you have a store you have to know the steps to import clothing legally to make huge profit from your business.

If you have been a clothing supplier or seller and have been looking for ways to import cheap clothing from China, scroll below for helpful tips and the best suppliers.

Why import clothes from China to Nigeria?

China is a manufacturing hub and markets are growing at an unimaginable rate. The “Made in China” label has reached almost every country in the world, and Chinese products have conquered foreign markets. In fact, China is one of the world’s leading importers in various industries.

According to Forbes, China is the second largest economy in the world and is expanding steadily at a higher rate than the second quarter growth seen in the United States.

One of the main reasons for importing wholesale fashion clothing from China is the low price offered for decent quality. Wages in China are cheap, manufacturing costs are low, and accessibility to the required material is more convenient.

Their design and technology skills are the only reason for their impact on global markets as they have high production capacity. The Chinese are trained to excel at mass production, as a result of which China has more sophisticated and organized production lines than many other Western countries.

So if you are thinking of importing clothes and accessories from China and reselling them in your home country for profitable sales, well, I say you are on the right track!

How to import cheap clothes from China to Nigeria?

How To Import Cheap Clothes From China to Nigeria
How To Import Cheap Clothes From China to Nigeria

If you have been intending to import clothes from China but didn’t know how to import from China to resell them here, there is a step-by-step guide that explains even the most minute details to clear all your doubts about how to import clothes from China.

There are many pros and cons to buying clothes in China. Be sure to read the guidelines below to have a safe deal when transacting with manufacturers based in China.

Familiarize yourself with your country’s import rules:

In some countries, imported clothing is prohibited and your order may be confiscated at the shipping point and you may suffer terrible losses. We suggest that you carefully understand the laws and regulations of your home country in this regard.

Take into account the taxes you must pay:

It goes without saying that if you are importing goods from a country, it is mandatory to pay duties and taxes. You must know the percentage of the tax that you must pay in order for your order to be approved by customs.

Tip : Keep the potential amount of taxes in mind when budgeting for your purchase.

Find the right supplier:

You will find plenty of manufacturers and suppliers in China. It would be best if you verified the provider before acting on your order to save yourself from deceptive money grabbers. Contact them and ask for more details.

Suggestion: Try to visit China markets or manufacturer’s office or trade shows to be more sure. If a personal visit seems impossible, you can always make a deal online.

Check the MOQ required, shipping charges and if drop shipping is available

You can filter the suppliers based on the MOQ, as your order quantity may not match the supplier’s MOQ. Few websites offer free shipping if you meet the MOQ criteria. In case you don’t, you could end up paying more shipping costs. Compare shipping cost without different suppliers and with MOQ and without MOQ. If you do not want to store the order, the best way is to search for manufacturers, suppliers or online portals that offer drop shipping service.

Warning : don’t spend too much on shipping. Calculate your costs well.

Always ask for sample parts:

If you are anxious about the quality and to avoid the fuss of reshipping the order when receiving low quality clothes, you should ask the supplier for sample products before finalizing the deal.

Tip: Make a deal only after you like the sample product and filter your vendors based on providing sample parts.

Opt for an agent:

Once you have placed your order after taking into account taxes and shipping costs, you must hire an agent who will help you track your order from time to time at each shipping point. This agent will also handle the order at customs and ensure the safe further processing of your order.

Suggestion: Please select the right freight partner to ensure the smooth running of your order from custom point to home delivery, keeping in mind that you need to pay low customs tax.

Buy security insurance:

Importing is always a risky process. Buying insurance will always protect you from damage and other risk factors that affect your business.

Tips for importing High Quality Products from China.

Check the registered and verified supplier, as some suppliers may not meet the standards of manufacturing and production standard levels: demand for clothing, seams and fabrics of standard quality by the supplier.

  • If you have a specific fabric in mind, you can consult it.
  • Do not immediately accept the prices indicated by the seller. Always negotiate and you might get a better deal!
  • Select the designs, sizes, colours and patterns in advance and only then, if your criteria and demands regarding the order are met, set the pace for your order.
  • Please read the quotes carefully and clarify any queries you may have before submitting your final quote. Please review the order list carefully.
  • Keep your bill and payment details secure and confidential.
  • Inspect supplier details and product quality prior to ordering.
  • Do not act with the payment of 100% at once; Always keep some amount as a balance.

How do you import shoes from China?

China has numerous shoe manufacturers, few focus on domestic marketing, while others target the global market.

The first thing you need to consider when importing shoes from China is the quality of the upper material, the lining material, the thickness of the sole, and the quality. While proceeding with your order, you must mention your specifications of the type of shoes you want.

The second thing to keep in mind is packing. All product details, such as date, location, size, and price, should be well labeled. Check the minimum order requirements and shipping company and charges.

Arrange for loading if doorstep delivery is not offered. Remember to check the license to obtain a delivery permit for imported goods.

There are various fairs and exhibitions organized by different companies to display their footwear. You can visit China if possible or read the reviews on the internet. You can place your order in bulk on Chinese websites that offer worldwide shipping of products. Few websites are , Made-in-China , Alibaba , Global Sources .

What is the best way to import garments from China to Nigeria?

To import garments from China, you must have your company registered in Nigeria. If you do not have your company name registered, you can hire an import agent and import it through the agent.

Take into account the prices and the minimum order quantity, also think about the ease of drop shipping offered by online portals. If possible, visit China and attend some fairs and trade shows.

With company registration, you also need a valid bank account, an importer exporter (IE) code, and a taxpayer identification number (TIN).

The next step is to find a reliable website like, Made-in-China, Alibaba, Global Sources that offer worldwide shipping, choose a reputable supplier and contact them. You can request your quote and negotiate to fit your budget.

Always ask for samples.

You can use third party shipping if it is cheaper than shipping from providers. Compare shipping prices before ordering. Hire a freight forwarder who will update you with your order details from point to point shipping.

Please be aware of the customs clearance fee which includes handling charges, customs duties, transportation charges and much more. You can contact a customs officer to help you clear your lot.

If you have any questions about this topic you can ask in the comments below.

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