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How to Participate in the Elections Even Without Your PVC


How to Participate in the Elections Even Without Your PVC

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Having the Permanent Voter’s Card is proof that you’re serious about democracy and governance in Nigeria. The General Elections is just one day away and if you don’t have your PVC, there are some ways you can participate:


1. Encourage people

That you don’t have your PVC doesn’t mean you can participate in the election. There are people around you with permanent voter’s cards.

Whether they are undecided about voting or not, your job as this time is to encourage them to go out and vote. The voting process is seamless and doesn’t take a toll to participate. Offer them words of encouragement to go out and be part of the election process.

2. Share information

During this period, every piece of information from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other relevant agencies matters.

Ensure to share helpful tips and information with people around you and even via your social networks like Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and others. Information saves lives and while you don’t have your PVC, save the lives of people with PVC by sharing useful information with them.

3. Offer support

One of the most important supports you can offer on election day since you won’t participate is telling those that participated that they didn’t waste their time. Salute them. Appreciate them for raising the flag of democracy.

And while sharing useful information is a form of support, there are physical aids you can render to people close to you. The election process starts as early as possible and this may allow some people not to cook before leaving their homes. You can volunteer by sharing snacks with them, sharing bottles of water with them and also offering to look after their property or children.

4. Get your PVC

Of course, you won’t participate in this election, but ensure that as soon as INEC resumes voter’s registration, be the first to get your PVC.