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“I Don’t Deserve to Live” – Ghanaian Chef Exposed for Forging Guinness World Record


“I Don’t Deserve to Live” – Ghanaian Chef Exposed for Forging Guinness World Record

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"I Don’t Deserve to Live" - Ghanaian Chef Exposed for Forging Guinness World Record

Ghanaian chef Ebenezer Smith, also known as Millennium Chef Smith, recently revealed his deep remorse and regret after being exposed for forging a Guinness World Record in a cooking marathon. In an interview with GHOne TV on Sunday, Smith declared he felt he didn’t deserve to live due to his disgraceful actions.

Smith was arrested and detained at the La Police Station after claiming to have achieved a new world record for an 820-hour 25-minute cook-a-thon. However, the certificate he presented was confirmed to be fake by Alina Polianskaya, a Public Relations Executive for Guinness World Records (GWR). Polianskaya clarified that the current record holder is Alan Fisher from Ireland, with a cooking marathon lasting 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds.

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During the interview, Smith expressed his disappointment in himself for letting down the people of Ghana and his loved ones. He explained that his fraudulent act was driven by a desire to secure a permanent livelihood and showcase his culinary skills. Smith admitted to fabricating the GWR certificate using an application reference from another individual without filing a genuine application with GWR.

Smith confessed that his actions were illogical and deceitful, emphasizing that he did not seek permission from the owner of the GWR application reference he used. He acknowledged the gravity of his actions and expressed deep remorse, stating he felt unworthy of living due to the burden of his deceit.

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