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“It’s Disrespectful to Women” – Dayo Amusa, Ugezu J. Ugezu Blow Hot Over Bobrisky’s ‘Best Dressed Female’ Win


“It’s Disrespectful to Women” – Dayo Amusa, Ugezu J. Ugezu Blow Hot Over Bobrisky’s ‘Best Dressed Female’ Win

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"It’s Disrespectful to Women" – Dayo Amusa, Ugezu J. Ugezu Blow Hot Over Bobrisky’s ‘Best Dressed Female’ Win

Prominent Nigerian film actors, Dayo Amusa and Ugezu J Ugezu, have joined the chorus of dissenting voices on social media, expressing their dissatisfaction with the outcome of the contest held during the movie premiere of Eniola Ajao’s “Beast of Two Worlds: Ajanaku.”

Dayo Amusa criticized the panel of judges for collectively deciding to declare crossdresser Bobrisky as the best-dressed female at the event. In a recent video posted on her page, Amusa voiced her disappointment with the decision while emphasizing that she harbors no ill will towards Bobrisky.

The Nollywood star denounced the decision as disrespectful and superficial, echoing sentiments expressed by Toyin Abraham and others who questioned the rationale behind crowning Bobrisky, given his identity as a man dressed in female attire.

Amusa highlighted that such a decision blatantly disregards the efforts of all the women who meticulously dressed up and attended the movie premiere. Her video surfaced following a viral clip of Toyin Abraham reacting to Bobrisky’s victory.

In a similar vein, veteran actor Ugezu J. Ugezu also condemned the organizers’ decision, questioning their judgment and emphasizing the disrespect it showed towards the women in attendance. Ugezu expressed his sentiments, underscoring the need for organizers to reconsider their approach to such events. He wrote:

“So many people have lost it.


Is this sincerely not a slap on the faces of our women who are working hard everyday to be the best of themselves?

Sometimes, I pause and ponder, where are we headed in this country?

No be government do this one oooo.

Na we just dey mumu dey insult our country.”

Watch video of Dayo Amusa ranting and reactions to it below:

See Comments Below:

@bobrisky222: “I love you regardless.”

@habyiola: “Walahi that’s why I always love you by saying the truth. Bobrisky of all the dresses there? Your dress was best because you really dress like the beast.”

@qwin_mbl: “I felt it’s just a pr stunt to keep the movie’s name on deck so it can make headlines as it is doing right now.”

@officialbumsy: “You’re making sense pa sister mi ooooo.”

@ojulewastudio: “I totally agree.. It’s a disrespect to women that took their time to dress up !!love you ❤been a while we saw, see you soon.”

@maleeka_mobolajisamuel: “But me I like your costume o.”

@kafayat_jejeniwaojueko: “You are making sense sis ..aye tidi nkan imi . kolohun sanu wa.”

@dammyfis: “The boldness we need !!!!! Thsnk u for coming out with ur full chest.”

@solaolaibi_gaji: “Hmmmm, may be there is solid agreement between the organizer and awardee, because I don’t understand why they will give two male award of best dresser. Ko funny rara, baba rubbish aye ni. Anyways, Wetin I know.”

@queenwuraola_official: “Won ni PR stunt ni but there are so many better ways to achieve that.”

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