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James Cameron says Titanic sub warnings went ‘unheeded’ : It was too experimental


James Cameron says Titanic sub warnings went ‘unheeded’ : It was too experimental

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James Cameron

James Cameron, renowned filmmaker and deep-sea explorer, has expressed concerns about the tragic incident involving a submersible near the Titanic shipwreck. The submersible, operated by OceanGate Expeditions, suffered a catastrophic implosion, claiming the lives of five individuals. Cameron drew parallels between this incident and the infamous sinking of the Titanic in 1912, emphasizing the disregard for warnings and the subsequent loss of lives.

In an interview with ABC News, Cameron highlighted the similarity between the Titanic disaster and the recent tragedy, where warnings were ignored. He compared the ill-fated decision of the Titanic captain to navigate through ice despite numerous warnings to the submersible’s situation. Cameron found it astonishing that such a similar event occurred at the exact same location, considering the extensive diving activities taking place worldwide.

The US Coast Guard confirmed the devastating implosion of the submersible, bringing an end to a multinational search-and-rescue operation that had captured global attention. Cameron, who himself accomplished a solo dive to the deepest part of the ocean, stressed that the risk of implosion under extreme pressure has always been a major concern for engineers involved in deep-sea exploration.

Expressing the sentiments within the ocean exploration community, Cameron revealed that many experts were deeply concerned about the submersible’s safety. Prominent figures in the field of deep-submergence engineering even wrote letters to the company, cautioning against allowing passengers on the experimental vessel without proper certification. The filmmaker highlighted the strong safety record of the deep-sea exploration industry in recent years but acknowledged the reservations surrounding this particular submersible.

Cameron shared a personal connection to the tragedy, having known one of the passengers onboard, French ocean explorer Paul-Henri “PH” Nargeolet, for a quarter of a century. The close-knit nature of the ocean exploration community made this loss even more difficult for Cameron to comprehend.

Having extensively visited the Titanic shipwreck during the production of his iconic film and his subsequent explorations, Cameron claimed to be intimately familiar with the site. He humorously remarked that he had spent more time on the ship than the captain did in its heyday.

As a filmmaker renowned for directing underwater-themed movies and documentaries, including the award-winning Titanic and The Abyss, Cameron’s insights shed light on the tragic incident and the concerns surrounding the submersible’s experimental nature.

Note: The report has been rewritten to provide a condensed and objective account of James Cameron’s statements and the incident involving the submersible near the Titanic shipwreck.

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