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Joke: Ebira Mothers And The Beauty Of Their Slaps In Child Upbringing.


Joke: Ebira Mothers And The Beauty Of Their Slaps In Child Upbringing.

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Ebira Mothers (Ebira Women) are the best when it comes to child upbringing. Ebira Mothers produce the best range of slaps; Aruhwoto, Aruhwe, and Upono. These slaps will make you fill like you are not part of the family like you are adopted.

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  1. Aruhwoto: This slap will make you correct your wrongs instantly. And also make you confess your sins at the spot with immediate effect.
  2. Aruhwe: This kind of Slap will make you expose those who were in the crime with you without hesitation at the same time, if any of your. Siblings is been given Aruhwe and you are not strong enough you may pee in your new pant at the hearing of the sound of the Slap. Its popularly given to children in their back. I remembered when my Big Brother send me to Mamas pot to steal meat. When mama return from market and asked who took meat from the pot. When I tried to lie I was given one. I started speaking in tongue. My big brother heard just the sound he visited the toilet like two times before he can regain his self. Lols
  3. Upono (beating): This kind of slap is the advance and the combination of Aruhwoto and Aruhwe. it normally start with Cain in the process Cain will be so boring thrown away and she will start with palm, This one has various functions mentioned below;

First of all you will loose balance.
Your brain will go into Auto search as you will be wondering what is really hitting you.
You will be Deaf instantly; you will be told let’s go home and you will reply Oini Oku Aru Ami! Meaning it’s in my pocket lols

God bless all Ebira Women home and Abroad we so grateful for the Good Upbringing if you were brought up in Ebiraland you will agree with all the above Slaps. You would have encountered them.

I know you are shaking your head now Unless you are not an African.

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