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Kogi Government Warns Principals Against Sabotaging Payment of Student’s WAEC Fees


Kogi Government Warns Principals Against Sabotaging Payment of Student’s WAEC Fees

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Kogi Government Warns Principals Against Sabotaging Payment of Students' WAEC Fees

The Kogi State Government has issued a stern warning to principals of public secondary schools, cautioning them against sabotaging efforts in the payment of West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) fees for final year students. The state’s Commissioner for Education Science and Technology, Mr. Wemi Jones, conveyed this message during the verification process of government-sponsored 2024 WAEC candidates at Bishop Delisles College, Lokoja.

In November 2023, Governor Yahaya Bello approved the disbursement of N497 million for the payment of WAEC fees for students enrolled in public schools in the state. The ongoing verification process is a crucial step in ensuring the transparent and accurate implementation of the government’s initiative.

Commissioner Wemi Jones emphasized the importance of cooperation from school principals for the successful execution of the government’s payment of internal and external examination fees. He expressed concern over some principals failing to submit accurate figures of students, describing it as a disservice to the state and a threat to the future of the students.

Governor Yahaya Bello’s commitment to education in Kogi State has been evident through initiatives such as the payment of WAEC fees despite the political landscape. The government not only plans to cover WAEC fees but also intends to include payments for JAMB and other internal examination fees.

However, Jones highlighted challenges faced by the Ministry of Education, particularly in obtaining accurate student figures. Some principals have allegedly withheld or provided inaccurate information, hindering effective planning and execution of the program.

The Commissioner disclosed that 15,033 students have been identified to benefit from the government’s gesture for the 2024 WAEC. He urged principals to provide truthful and original registers containing accurate information to ensure the success of the program. The need for collaboration and transparency in the education sector was emphasized, emphasizing the vital role played by principals in shaping the future of the state through the education system.

The Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Alhaji Yakubu Musa, echoed these sentiments, calling on principals to align with the government’s efforts by ensuring adherence to the right procedures for the program’s successful implementation. As Kogi State strives to enhance education accessibility and support for students, the call for integrity and cooperation from school administrators remains crucial.

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