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Kogi State Receives Two Truck of Palliatives, Prepares for Another Distribution


Kogi State Receives Two Truck of Palliatives, Prepares for Another Distribution

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Kogi State Receives Two Truck of Palliatives, Prepares for Another Distribution

The Kogi state government recently welcomed two truckloads of essential palliatives, marking another stride in its mission to support those in need during challenging times. Led by a dedicated three-member committee, comprising Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs Hajiya Rabiatu Okute, Director-General of the Kogi State Social Investment Programme Agency Hajiya Aishat Oyiza Omade, and Honorable Muktar Atima from the State Emergency and Management Agency (SEMA), the initiative aims to alleviate the hardships faced by vulnerable populations across the state.

Commissioner Rabiatu Okute emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring a seamless distribution process, assuring citizens of Governor Ododo’s dedication to positively impact lives. Director-General Omade echoed this sentiment, highlighting the collective efforts of the state government in providing comfort and relief to those experiencing difficulties. She pledged that the palliatives would reach every segment of society, with special attention to the most vulnerable.

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Honorable Muktar Atima lauded Governor Usman Ododo’s compassionate approach, affirming that the administration operates with a human touch. He expressed confidence that more assistance would be forthcoming for the people of Kogi State. Additionally, the committee members assured the public that Governor Ododo remains steadfast in his commitment to providing necessary aid during these economically challenging times.

Honorable Paul Haruna Gowon, representing Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency and a member of the House Committee on NEMA, inspected the warehouse to oversee the reception of the palliatives and ensure adequate security measures were in place.

Dami Adenuga, Head of Media, Communications & ICT at the Kogi State Social Investment Program Agency, announced plans to establish similar committees at the local government level to facilitate the efficient distribution of palliatives, aligning with Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo’s promise to the people of the state.

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