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Kogi State Will Soon Enjoy Uninterrupted Power Supply – Energy Commissioner


Kogi State Will Soon Enjoy Uninterrupted Power Supply – Energy Commissioner

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Kogi State Will Soon Enjoy Uninterrupted Power Supply – Energy Commissioner

Abdulmutalib Mohammed, the Kogi State Commissioner for Rural and Energy Development, has assured residents of the state that they will soon enjoy uninterrupted power supply. This announcement came during a public hearing organized by the Kogi State House of Assembly on Monday, where a bill to establish the Kogi State electricity market and the Kogi State Electricity Regulatory Commission was discussed.

Mohammed emphasized that the passage of this bill would not only ensure stable and cost-effective electricity but also create numerous job opportunities for the youth and position Kogi State as an industrial hub of Nigeria. He urged all stakeholders to support the bill for its swift passage and subsequent approval by the Executive.

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“We all yearn for stable, safe, and cost-effective electricity. This bill will bring that to Kogi. Industries will spring up, creating many job opportunities. These are the benefits Kogites can expect from this bill, by the special grace of God,” Mohammed stated.

Idris Miliki, Executive Director of the Conscience of Human Rights and Conflict Resolutions (CHRCR), raised concerns about the bill, noting that the rights of consumers were not explicitly outlined. He highlighted past instances of harassment from the electricity regulatory agency in Kogi State and stressed the importance of clearly defining consumer rights in the new law.

Bamidele Suru, a senior lawyer in Kogi State, echoed Miliki’s concerns. He shared his personal experience with the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), stating, “I am currently in court because of the obnoxious operations of the AEDC. There is an urgent need to protect the consumer as this bill is passed into law.”

Other speakers at the public hearing emphasized the importance of incorporating renewable energy into Kogi State’s power plans. They also called for a robust legal framework and a monitoring team to sanction stakeholders who violate the regulations once the bill becomes law.

The public hearing underscored the collective desire for a reliable power supply and the need for comprehensive legislation to support the state’s energy infrastructure and protect consumer rights.

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