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Lagos Pastor Feyi Daniels Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Rape of Church Member (Video)


Lagos Pastor Feyi Daniels Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Rape of Church Member (Video)

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Lagos Pastor Feyi Daniels Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Rape of Church Member (Video)

In a landmark decision, an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence court has sentenced Pastor Feyi Daniels, the founder of iReign Christian Ministry in Lagos, to life imprisonment for the rape and sexual assault of a female church member. The trial judge, Rahman Oshodi, delivered the verdict, finding the clergyman guilty of the charges.

The prosecution’s case involved allegations from four women, accusing Bishop Daniels of sexual assault. During the trial, the defendant claimed that three out of the four women conspired against him, suggesting a personal relationship with the accusers. The prosecution countered, asserting that the Bishop had financial dealings and counseling relationships with the alleged victims.

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Lead counsel for the prosecution, Babajide Boye, accused Daniels of using his position as a pastor to manipulate individuals seeking counseling. The defendant denied the allegations, stating that he did not employ power or manipulation in his counseling role.

In the cross-examination, the prosecutor questioned Daniels about his interactions with the alleged victims, including visits to his fellowship center in Akungba-Akobo, Ondo State. The defense argued against the admissibility of statements purportedly written by Daniels while in police custody, claiming they were signed under duress. However, Justice Rahman Oshodi ruled in favor of admitting the documents, considering the contradictions between the defendant’s testimony and the contents of the statements.

The landmark decision reflects the growing attention to cases of sexual offenses, especially within religious institutions. The sentencing sends a strong message about accountability and justice for survivors of such crimes.

See video below:

@elgolden_blog2 Court sentences Lagos cleric, Feyi Daniels to life in prison for r@p1ng church member. The Lagos State $€xu@l Offences and Domestic V1olenc€ Court in Ikeja has sentenced a clergyman, Bishop Oluwafeyiropo Daniels, to life in prison for the offence of r@ping a pastor in his church, "I Reign Christian Ministry" in June 2020. Delivering judgment in the case today January 26, the presiding judge, Justice Rahman Oshodi, said he believed the testimony of the complainant as well as other witnesses who gave direct evidence which weren't contradicted at any point during the trial, despite the denials of the defendant. The court also held that the prosecution had successfully proven all the ingredients of r@pe under section 260(2) of the cr!m1nal laws of Lagos state, 2015. Justice Oshodi however discharged the clergyman of the second count of allegedly r@ping another church member at his home in 2020. The court said the prosecution failed to prove the elements of the use of force, fear of harm by the complainant and misrepresentation by the defendant to establish guilt in the offence of r@pe beyond all reasonable doubt. The court ordered that the convict's name be Registered in the Lagos state $€x offenders register. The court also ordered that the cleric serve his jail term at the Nigeria correctional center, at the kirikiri maximum facility where he is currently being detained. In the words of the judge, the cleric used his dominant character and position to $€xual v!0late two members of his church. "r@pe carries a mandatory life imprisonment and $€xual @ss@ult carries a jail term of three years, which can't alleviate the harm on your victims. #elgoldenblog ♬ original sound – Elgolden_blog

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