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Top 10 Most Expensive, Yet Best Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria


Top 10 Most Expensive, Yet Best Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria

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Best Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria

While Abuja has plenty of top-quality eateries, some of the best gourmet food in Nigeria can be found at its most expensive restaurants and cafés.

Best Restaurants in Abuja

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From fine dining to family-friendly fast food, here are some of the best places to eat in Abuja, sorted by price range. The most expensive restaurants in Abuja include…

1. Nkoyo Restaurant Abuja, Nigeria

Nkoyo Restaurant Abuja is one of the Best Restaurants in Abuja that offers an exceptional dining experience. The menu consists of Nigerian cuisine prepared with French techniques, and the chefs are required to undergo five years of training in France before they can cook on the line.

Nkoyo was opened by two brothers who were inspired by their mother’s cooking and wanted to share it with others. Nkoyo has three separate menus for lunch, dinner, and high tea. Lunch starts at $120 USD per person while dinner starts at $250 USD per person. High tea is a three-course meal served at four o’clock pm every day starting at $180 USD per person.

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