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Top 10 Most Expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria (Built For Only The Rich)


Top 10 Most Expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria (Built For Only The Rich)

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Welcome to Abuja Nigeria, In this post I will be sharing with you “The Top 10 Most Expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria” this estates are built for the rich and the rich only, the only time a poor man can live here is when they are hired for a job. (The Bitter Truth).

Abuja is not only known as the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, but also, Abuja is the most well planned city in West Africa. Abuja Nigeria houses second most expensive residential real estate and the best estate in Nigeria.

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You will be thrilled when you see the amazing jobs Real Estate Developers are doing in Abuja, from what we have gathered so far one can say Abuja has the best Real Estate in Nigeria.

Criterial for Ranking The Most Expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria.

below are some few points we will be looking at to rank the most Expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria.

  • Cost of the land
  • Cost of buy properties
  • Location of the estate
  • Calibres of people that lives in the estates.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria

This list is going to be a countdown starting from the least expensive to the most expensive estate in Abuja. Let the countdown begin.

Suncity Estate Abuja, 10th Most Expensive Estates in Abuja

10. Suncity Estate Abuja

Suncity Estate is our number 10 most expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria. Suncity is a well planned and developed gated estate in the FCT (Abuja) Suncity Estate is considered as one of the best estate in Abuja in 2022.

Suncity Estate is also one of the biggest estate in Abuja as you can spend nothing less than 50Minutes driving from end to end of the Estate, Suncity has hotels, hospital, church, mosque, schools, covered drainages, street light and other infrastructures, that makes life easy for people. With security guards.

Suncity Estate is ideally for middle class families looking for a decent place to reside.

All roads in the estate are tared and houses have green areas in front of them which gives the Estate an overall attractive look with an excellent road network.

Types of Housing Units in Suncity Estate in Abuja.

  • Terraces
  • Semi Detached Duplexes
  • Fully Detached Duplexes

How Much Are Properties in Suncity Estate Abuja

An average property in Suncity Estate Abuja costs from 90 million naira (₦90,000,000) to 120 Million Naira (₦120,000,000) if you are buying 5 bedroom fully detached duplexes and about 5 Million Naira (₦5,000,000) to rent 5 bedroom fully detached duplexes.

A typical cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment in the estate is between 1.2 Million to 1.5 million .

However, the estate is located in Galadimawa, along with Arsenal Street, Abuja.

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