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Music: Mr. Gambios – Governor Elect ft Ras Ptwo


Music: Mr. Gambios – Governor Elect ft Ras Ptwo

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In their collaborative effort, Mr. Gambios and Ras Ptwo present the compelling track “Governor Elect.” This musical creation serves as a message to the opposition parties SDP and PDP, affirming that ODODO of APC stands as the people’s preferred choice. The song underscores the futility of seeking external interventions, urging both parties to recognize the popular support for ODODO, who places unwavering trust in the power of God.

Through their music, Mr. Gambios and Ras Ptwo advocate for a faith-driven approach, emphasizing that ODODO’s reliance on God’s omnipotence renders any court or external power struggles unnecessary. “Governor Elect” seeks to unite voices in support of a leader chosen by the people, echoing the belief that divine guidance surpasses any human intervention.

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