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Mrs. Amina Bello Reconstruct Kogi Community with School, Clinic to Mark Daughter’s Birthday


Mrs. Amina Bello Reconstruct Kogi Community with School, Clinic to Mark Daughter’s Birthday

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Amina Oyiza Bello, the wife of Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, has brought positive change to the Eika-Ohizenyi community by reconstructing and equipping a school and clinic.

These impactful projects were financed through her Hayat Foundation on the occasion of her son’s 16th birthday, symbolizing the importance of community development and philanthropy.

The newly renovated Al- Dabiya primary and Secondary school at Ehika -Ohiyenzi Community, Kogi central funded by pet project Hayat foundation to mark the 16th birthday of Bellos first daughter Hayatula Bello.

The Hayat Foundation, initiated in the name of her son, Hayatula Bello, has been instrumental in addressing the needs of the Eika-Ohizenyi community in Kogi State.

These projects include the Eika-Ohizenyi Community Clinic and Al-Dabiya Primary and Secondary School.

Mrs. Amina Oyiza Bello Reconstruct Kogi Community with School and Clinic

Governor Yahaya Bello, while inaugurating these projects, praised the vision of the school’s founders, who initially started it as an Islamic school and later expanded it to offer both Islamic and Western education.

The fully equipped clinic set for 3 day free medical outreach, funded by Hayat foundation at Eika to mark the 16th birthday of gov. Bellos first daughter, Hayatula Bello

In appreciation of his wife’s efforts, he declared free education for pupils of the school and promised to construct an access road to the school while providing a bus to facilitate academic activities.

Amina Bello, the founder of the Hayat Foundation, expressed her delight at the positive impact of these projects on her community.

She emphasized the importance of giving back to society and urged the youth to engage in community volunteering to enhance their environment. Amina Bello also acknowledged her husband’s unwavering support for the projects and the foundation’s initiatives.

The inauguration of these projects highlights the commitment of both Amina Bello and Governor Yahaya Bello to improving the lives of the people in their community through meaningful contributions and support.

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