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Music: Itabriz – Avaibe ft Boldeg & Sharon Sonia


Music: Itabriz – Avaibe ft Boldeg & Sharon Sonia

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Itabriz Drops Highly-Anticipated Ebira Music Jam “Avaibe” Featuring Boldeg and Sharon Sonia

Itabriz, a rising star in Ebira music, has unleashed his much-anticipated track, “Avaibe,” featuring the exceptional talents of Boldeg and Sharon Sonia. This release marks the latest addition to Itabriz’s impressive discography, building on the success of several hit songs earlier this year. “Avaibe” is a standout piece within his body of work, showcasing Itabriz’s rhythmic style and musical prowess.

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In this enchanting performance, Itabriz delivers a captivating experience for his fans and music enthusiasts. What sets “Avaibe” apart is the collaboration with two award-winning artists, Boldeg and Sharon Sonia, both known for their outstanding contributions to the music scene. Their hot verses seamlessly integrate, adding an extra layer of depth and excitement to this already impressive record.

The track’s production, expertly handled by Õgfe, further enhances its overall appeal. “Avaibe” promises to be a musical journey that not only highlights Itabriz’s artistic growth but also celebrates the synergy of talents within the Ebira music scene. Get ready to be enthralled by the infectious beats and lyrical finesse of “Avaibe.”

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