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Music: Muphlee – Dem Beat Me (Uruvucheba)


Music: Muphlee – Dem Beat Me (Uruvucheba)

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Get ready for a musical journey with Murphlee, a name that’s on everyone’s lips right now. In his latest track, “Dem Beat Me” (Uruvucheba), Murphlee takes us on a ride through the beats of Canada by Magnito, weaving a tale of his encounter with a cult gang in Ebiraland. This isn’t just a song; it’s a raw, honest freestyle that sheds light on the dark side of a birthday party gone wrong in Uruvucheba, Okene, Nigeria.

Already making waves with over 11k plays on Audiomack, “Dem Beat Me” has become an anthem, resonating with listeners on Ebira Online Media. Murphlee’s storytelling prowess combined with the infectious rhythm of Canada Beat creates a unique sonic experience that you won’t want to miss.

Feel the beats, live the story, and immerse yourself in the vivid narrative of “Dem Beat Me.” Click below to play the track and grab your own copy in mp3 format. Let Murphlee’s music take you on a journey through the heart of Nigeria, where every beat tells a story.

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