Neglect Of The Boy Child: We Need To Speak Up


After doing alot of research online to see if UNICEF or Government really care about a boy child….. i found out nobody cares.

This a thread to let female folks understand the hate towards them now isn’t something that just pop up from nowhere but more psychological which is cause by neglect from society and harsh laws toward men.

There are several millions of campaigns in every part of the world towards fighting for the girl child….infact there are millions of activist fighting everyday for this agenda but no one is talking about the boy child.

We talk about rape,molestation,child marriage etc which are very bad toward the girl child but what about child labour which is actually what most boys up north face everyday.
Does it means mothers don’t love there son?? or they feel is right for a boy to be on the street survivaling on his own from tender age of 10??

Are we saying having little boys doing labour in site, boy soldiers in war zone,sleeping on the street, going through molestation in hands of there oga etc is a lesser evil compare to rape,child marriage etc.

Everyone talks about what a girl child pass through in the north but not for one day has anyone spoken about what boys are facing which is much more……a boy of 5yrs in the north is on the street already doing various things to survive infact he can even be taking money to his mother and sisters to feed…..some are taken by boko haram forced into fighting a war.

We all talk about chibok girls but no one has talked about some boys book haram kidnapped years back and force them to join the war…those who were not willing to join were executed instantly.

Am not trying to bring a gender war here am just trying to bring this to people mind…the likes of tonto dike, iyabo ojo etc who have sons should also speak up for the boy child….isn’t only the girl child that needs protection.

There are several laws created everyday to protect the female gender all over the world even absurd ones (like Ronaldinho paying 13k £ to a ex gf every month as maintenance fee) which is a Brazilian law and Canada is also trying to pass the same law… won’t this cause hate??

Even though most of this laws are created by fellow men who i think are just simply foolish but ladies need not to exploit it..

Government of the world need to create laws to protect men/boy as well.

Things need to change else this hate will keep on increasing…government and society need to start advocating the boy child rights too so this feel of ño one cares which is transforming to hate towards female gender will stop.

The same way we are condemning rape of minors and child marriages let condemn child labour, boy soldiers, let condemn why the society feel comfortable with seeing minor boys on the streets.

Let speak up for boy child aswell.

Credit: Nairaland.

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