Nigerian Man Killed His 100-Year-Old Father With a Machete Over N70,000 in Ogun State

Nigerian Man Killed His 100 Year Old Father With a Machete Over N70,000 in Ogun State

In a disturbing incident, the Ogun State Community, Social Orientation, and Safety Corps, known as So-Safe, have apprehended a 38-year-old man named Mathew Ifeanyi. He stands accused of brutally hacking his own biological father to death.

A press release issued by the office of State Commander (Dr) Soji Ganzallo detailed that on the 29th of August, 2023, Superintendent Alabi Gafar, the Divisional Officer of the Corps at Alade/Atago/Ntabo Divisional Command, received information about a horrifying incident. The report stated that a middle-aged man was viciously attacking his 100-year-old father with a cutlass at 11, Ibikunle Street, Diamond Estate, in the Olorunda Area of Eruobodo Ntabo, Ijoko, Ado Odo-Ota Local Government Area.

Ganzallo elaborated that the Divisional Command immediately dispatched a patrol team to rescue the elderly victim, Anthony Nnadike, and apprehend the son responsible for the attack.

Upon reaching the scene, it was discovered that the victim had already been rushed to the nearest general hospital due to the severity of his injuries. Tragically, the elderly victim’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and he was pronounced dead by medical professionals.

The State Commander, Ganzallo, disclosed that the perpetrator initially resisted arrest but was eventually taken into custody. Subsequent investigation revealed a distressing motive behind the heinous crime. The suspect admitted to killing his father because of an ongoing financial dispute.

Reportedly, the deceased father had been entrusted with a sum of N70,000 by his son since July 22nd, 2022. The funds were meant to support the suspect’s private business endeavor after he left his previous job. However, as the suspect explained, his father failed to return the money as agreed. Frustration over this issue allegedly drove the son to commit the tragic act.

The suspect, now under the custody of the So-Safe Corps, has been transferred to the Nigeria Police Force, Sango Divisional Headquarters, for further investigation. This shocking incident underscores the need for effective conflict resolution and support mechanisms within families to prevent such heartbreaking events.

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