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NLC Protest: “End Hunger and Suffering” – Kogi State Workers to Government


NLC Protest: “End Hunger and Suffering” – Kogi State Workers to Government

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NLC Protest: "End Hunger and Suffering" - Kogi State Workers to Govt

In a peaceful demonstration organized by the labor unions in Kogi State, workers took to the streets of Lokoja metropolis to voice their concerns and demand relief from prevailing economic challenges. The protest, initiated in accordance with a directive from the National Headquarters of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), followed the expiration of a 14-day ultimatum issued to the Federal Government to address the union’s grievances.

Gabriel Amari, the state chairman of the NLC, highlighted the adverse impact of government policies on the populace, attributing widespread suffering to unfriendly economic measures. He urged the federal government to reconsider its policies, emphasizing the need to alleviate the hardships faced by Nigerians.

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Despite previous agreements between the NLC and the government, which remain unimplemented, the protest underscored the urgent need for action to mitigate the effects of policies influenced by international financial institutions. Concerns were raised about job losses, educational challenges, healthcare accessibility, and general economic distress experienced by citizens.

Addressing the demonstrators, Monday Aduku, Chairman of the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) in Kogi, emphasized the persistence of grievances until meaningful government intervention occurs. He called for a review of petroleum pricing to ease the burden on the populace.

Haruna Isa, Chairman of the Radio, Television Theatre and Art Workers’ Union (RATTAWU) in the state, emphasized that the protest represented the collective struggle of both workers and the wider populace against economic hardship. He expressed optimism that their peaceful demonstration would prompt action from the government to address the pressing needs of the people.

The protest, characterized by a significant turnout of workers, enjoyed the support and protection of law enforcement agencies, ensuring its peaceful conduct throughout. Beginning at the NLC House, the procession traversed major streets in Lokoja before concluding at the Labour House.

The demonstration served as a poignant call to action, urging authorities to prioritize the welfare of citizens and implement measures aimed at alleviating economic hardships faced by the people of Kogi State and beyond.

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