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Okun Leaders Disappoint Bello, Accept University Offer, and Maintain Kogi Governorship Quest


Okun Leaders Disappoint Bello, Accept University Offer, and Maintain Kogi Governorship Quest

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Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s failure to fulfill his promise of supporting power shift to Kogi West senatorial district has led him to employ a deceptive tactic aimed at dividing the Okun people. Aware of their longstanding demand for a university in Okun land, he has decided to offer them a university on their own soil.

This move is a carefully calculated political gimmick designed to divide the Okun people and manipulate their votes in favor of his ally, Ododo, during the upcoming November 11 elections.

Governor Bello’s strategy relies on the belief that Okun leaders advocating for power shift to Kogi West will reject the university offer. Subsequently, he plans to deploy his supporters to discredit these leaders for rejecting a project that holds significant importance to the people. His hired media agents are ready to smear the reputation of any prominent Okun leaders who reject the offer, aiming to sow discord among the electorate in the region.

Unfortunately for Bello and his collaborators, the Okun leaders are astute and see through their deceptive tactics. They have recognized the hidden motives behind this offer and have embraced it wholeheartedly. They have even praised Bello for the gesture. However, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of the “Okun for Governor” agenda.

Senator Dino Melaye

The Okun leaders have proposed that, just as a governor from Igala land built and developed Prince Abubakar Audu University in Anyigba, and another governor from Ebira land built and developed Confluence University in Osara, it would be fair and wise for a governor from Kogi West to construct and develop the proposed Okun University.

The Okun leaders are unwilling to compromise this time around, having learned from past experiences. They know that Bello is not a man of his word and cannot be trusted to build Okun University to the desired standards.

Do we not remember how Bello made our revered royal fathers wait until around 7pm in the evening to flag off road rehabilitation in Kabba during the 2019 elections? What became of those rehabilitation projects? They were abandoned! We are not easily deceived.

The same Bello pompously inaugurated the Idah-Agenebode bridge in 2019, yet to this day, not a single stone has been laid at the supposed project site.

Usman Ododo

We do not trust Bello, and we certainly cannot trust his ally, Ododo, with our future. We will not be swayed by any of their political games, as November 11, 2023, marks a crucial turning point for us. We stand firm, unwavering in our determination.

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