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Onogidi Kuroko Live Performance – Ebira Masquerade Dance Video


Onogidi Kuroko Live Performance – Ebira Masquerade Dance Video

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Onogidi Kuroko
Aneku Onogidi Kuroko

In this video you will see the live performance of Onogidi Kuroko and his crew performing live in Ogaminana, Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State.

The word “Ogidi”, meaning; a farm area, where the spiritual material was found. While the word “Ano-Ogidi”, meaning; the one from Ogidi area, which was later pronounced as “Onogidi”. Hence, the word “Aneku-Onogidi” is the name given to the masquerade. The word “Aneku” refer to ancestor. “Onogidi” is the most feared masquerade by women in Ebira land.
Historically, Aneku Onogidi Ichapaniko of Kuroko was founded around 18 century, by “Adayi-Ani’uhuami” from “Ekko” lineage (Abara), sub-clan of Uhuami.
Adayi-Ani’uhuami use the substance to build up the masquerade or mascot (“Eku”) at the ancient time. Read Full Onogidi History Here

Onogidi Kuroko Live Performance Video

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