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Sharon Sonia Sent Appreciation Message, Hours After The Release of Her Husband (Yunique)


Sharon Sonia Sent Appreciation Message, Hours After The Release of Her Husband (Yunique)

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Sharon Sonia

A lot has happened in the past about the arrest of Ebira Finest Rapper (Yunique Ozi Ori) in Okene Nigeria, The latest news about Yunique Ozi Ori earlier was about his release after several pleading and stress the people around him went through (Friends and family).

The whole internet has been boiling, because earlier yesterday Sharon Sonia took to her timeline to speak about how Yunique has been misbehaving, also cried that the appropriate authorities can release her husband even if not for anything but for her sake. Though a lot of people have come out to condemn the act of the Musician turn Onoku, but she insisted that her actions were right, that she took the live video down because friends and families said she should do so.

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Hours after her live video, Yunique Ozi Ori was released which led Sharon Sonia to putting up an appreciation message on her timeline, Read Message below;

Sharon Sonia Message

After going through stress, having sleepless nights, begging and praying for days, Yunique regained his freedom last night. The government didn’t maltreat him but corrected him and made him redirect his steps and also remind him that he’s not just a public figure but an influential artiste in Kogi State.

It’s now left for him to learn from this and become a proud son of the soil in all ramifications. Big thanks to Hon. Calabash Mario, Mr bright. I suffered so much in Lokoja with Mr. Embog Asuku his elder brother and his wife.

Just three of us were in Lokoja begging. We’ll stay in the station from morning till night just to make sure he wasn’t going through the pain alone despite the fact that he caused the trouble on his own. Special thanks to hon chief of staff, DD, Hon. Teina for not ignoring my tears.

Dear Mr. Amoka, all I can say is thank you!!! I believe God is using you to change Yunique from his ill ways. Thank you so much Clef, a friend in need is a friend indeed… I am proud to call you Yunique’s friend. Abdulkadir Hannypet you’re a true friend. Samad thank you too.

To others that supported the movement without my knowledge, I appreciate. I hope others learn from this because another May not be this lucky next time. Respect is reciprocal.


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