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Some Ebira Men Marry More Wives Just To Avoid Their Responsibilities (A Must Read Article)


Some Ebira Men Marry More Wives Just To Avoid Their Responsibilities (A Must Read Article)

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Note: Onize lateefat has not written this article to get Ebira Men down or to make them feel bad but to correct one big major problem affecting our society today. I (Yakubu Binuyaminu) have also contributed in the editing of the article for better understanding. Happy Reading.

Ebira Man are well known to be handsome, hardworking, intelligent and innovative but some have a few bad trait which has given almost all, bad names and seen as a trend which are associated with them. These trend is that of a happily married man taking another wife, with the intention that each wife will have to take care of their own children there self, to skip or run away from their responsibilities.

Not all Ebira men are guilty of this act though, as husbands don’t take care of their wife or children, leaving their children in the hands of their mother who in most cases has little or no source of income. These trend has become so popular among some Ebira men which has made lots of Ebira ladies not wanting to marry from their tribe

Most of the men alleged of this act, had many wives, concubine and children, who don’t know themselves. The needs and Responsibilities of these children are mostly handled and catered for by their struggling mothers who in most cases has little or no source of income leaving the children to fend for themselves in whatever way possible. You can see where thuggery started from in Ebiraland

These children turns into miscreants in the society, community thugs, thieves, kidnapper, drug addicts and the likes because they lack adequate care, parental guidance and support, proper attention. Most of them don’t even go to school and the few who are fortunate to go to public school where the school facilities are very poor and only about 20% of these children are able to escape this fate.

Also when an most of these men get a promotion, a new job or an increase in salary or sales, they don’t think of a way to improve the standard of living of his family, the only thing they think about is getting another wife no matter the poor situation of the family but tries in every possible way to impress the new wife. The man starts to find faults that were not their or have being ignored over the years and these has been the major reasons for divorce cases in Ebiraland.

Why has these trend become so popular among some Ebira Men?

This is because of the lack of regards some Ebira men has for Ebira ladies, lack of education and laziness. “my father has lots of wives, so is not bad if I have the same”. Also, the acts of marrying more than one wife and having concubines is seen as a sign of wealth and also due to the fact that most Ebira are Muslim and marrying of four wives is believed to be Sunnah forgetting the requirements before this Sunnah can be met….
These act has lots of negative impact on the life of many youth today and has led to lots of broken homes and many ladies refusing to marry from their tribes because of fear of facing the same fate.

Conclusively, as I have said earlier, this doesn’t happen with all homes and all Ebira Men, No. This article is just an eyes opener for most of our guys following the same trend. It is 21st century and we just thank God most of us are now educated, now we know what’s good for us and the society and its high time for all of us to make amends.
Did you have contrary opinion to this article? Please share your opinions with us through the comment section below.
Thanks for Reading. Avo Nini

Written By:
Onize Lateefat & Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza.
Publishers at: Ebira Online Media (

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