The Story of Nigerian Man That Sold Fake Airport for $242 Million


Nelson Sakaguchi, a seasoned bank executive from one of Brazil’s largest financial institutions, found himself at the epicenter of an extraordinary tale that would redefine the limits of financial deception. The turning point came when he received an unexpected call from none other than the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The governor, brimming with ambition, proposed a groundbreaking project—a major airport unlike anything the country had ever seen. The grand vision came with a hefty price tag of $242 million, and Nelson, enticed by promises of a $10 million commission, found himself lured into a complex web of deceit.

The pivotal moment arrived when Nelson met the governor, the Deputy Governor, and the director of Aviation in London. They showcased elaborate business plans, discussed intricate details, and painted a vivid picture of a project that seemed too promising to pass up.

Convinced of the venture’s legitimacy, Nelson and the Nigerian officials shook hands and sealed the deal. Little did Nelson know that the seemingly lucrative investment was nothing more than an elaborate fabrication—a mirage orchestrated by one of the most ingenious criminals in history.

Chapter 1: The Man Before The Scam

At the heart of this audacious scheme stood Emmanuel Nwude, a man born between 1950 and 1955 in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. Raised in the throes of poverty, Emmanuel harbored dreams of extraordinary wealth and success.

As a young adult, he ventured into the world of banking, quickly earning a reputation for his sharp intellect and adept navigation of the complex financial landscape. Climbing the corporate ladder, he eventually became the director of the Union Bank of Nigeria. But for Emmanuel, this was merely a stepping stone to something greater.

In the early 1990s, Nigeria underwent a transformative phase, declaring Abuja as its new capital and embarking on ambitious infrastructure projects. Emmanuel seized this opportune moment to hatch a plan that would etch his name into the annals of financial deception.

His vision: to sell an imaginary airport and trick investors out of millions. To execute this audacious plan, Emmanuel handpicked a team of five individuals, each possessing exceptional skills in finance and banking.

The team set their plan in motion by meticulously sending detailed faxes to banks worldwide. Impersonating a top Nigerian official named Teristia William, they announced Nigeria’s intent to develop a major airport in Abuja.

Nelson Sakaguchi, representing Banco Noroeste, took the bait, expressing keen interest in the proposal. The meeting in London unfolded, with the team posing as high-ranking officials, convincing Nelson to invest $242 million. Unbeknownst to him, the entire project was an elaborate ruse.

The team flew to London, enhancing the illusion with luxurious accommodations and a grand reception for Nelson. Each member played their roles flawlessly, persuading Nelson to transfer a $3 million deposit immediately. Over the next three years, Nelson transferred the entire $242 million, blissfully unaware of the elaborate scam that had ensnared him.

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