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Story: Pregnant For My Sister’s Fiancé


Story: Pregnant For My Sister’s Fiancé

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Pregnant For My Sister’s Fiancé

PROLOGUE – Pregnant For My Sister’s Fiancé

This is the tale of a fateful love entwining Anita Cole and Alexander Huston.

Anita Cole, the youngest of her parents’ children, possesses not only a striking beauty but also a demeanor that commands respect. Her curves could make any man lose his composure.

Elizabeth Cole, on the other hand, is engaged to the dashing young billionaire, Alexander Huston. While undeniably beautiful, her personality starkly contrasts with Anita’s. Elizabeth carries an air of arrogance, and her unfaithfulness stains her relationship with Alexander.

One evening, during a friend’s birthday party, fate takes an unexpected turn. Anita, swept up in the celebration, finds herself inebriated, as does Alexander. Their paths cross in their intoxicated states.

Alexander, captivated by Anita’s form, impulsively asks her to dance. The night propels them into a passionate encounter they never saw coming—a night that results in Anita’s pregnancy.

Now, a tangled web of questions awaits:

Will Alexander come to terms with the unforeseen consequences?

Can Anita and Alexander’s connection deepen into something genuine?

Amidst this saga of tragedy, betrayal, pain, love, and conflict, one burning question remains: How will Elizabeth react? Will she grant them the opportunity to explore their unexpected bond, or will she bring forth a storm of opposition?

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