Suspected Herders Strike Again, Claiming Three Lives in Kogi Community

Suspected Herders Strike Again, Claiming Three Lives in Kogi Community

In a tragic turn of events, suspected herdsmen launched a violent attack on the Ajokpachi Odo community in Kogi State’s Omala Local Government Area, resulting in the loss of at least three lives. The assailants, in addition to taking lives, pillaged motorbikes and food supplies, leaving several residents unaccounted for.

This assault comes in the wake of a recent massacre in the neighboring Agojeju Odo community, where over 20 individuals lost their lives at the hands of suspected herdsmen.

Reports indicate that the attack unfolded when local youths, conducting surveillance duties, were ambushed and fatally wounded by the suspected perpetrators. Allegedly, the herdsmen, engaged in longstanding conflicts with the Agatu community, encountered the youths during their relocation. A skirmish ensued, resulting in the tragic deaths of Musa Sule and two others.

Nifu Abuka, a community leader who narrowly escaped the attack, expressed deep concern over the recurring violence and emphasized the vulnerability of the community due to inadequate security measures. He urged relevant government agencies to intervene swiftly to ensure the safety of residents.

Abuka underscored the longstanding feud between the Agatu people and herdsmen in neighboring Benue and Nasarawa states, which has rendered communities like Ajokpachi Odo susceptible to frequent attacks.

The escalating insecurity has forced survivors to flee their homes, posing a significant threat to food security in the region. Abuka called upon the state and federal governments to take decisive action to protect farming communities like his.

Meanwhile, Marknoble Peter Edibo, Chairman Caretaker Committee of Omala Local Government Council, echoed Abuka’s concerns, emphasizing the dire need for a comprehensive response to the ongoing crisis. He appealed to the Federal Government to treat the situation as a national emergency and deploy security personnel to border communities to prevent further bloodshed.

The recurrence of such attacks underscores the urgency of addressing underlying tensions and implementing measures to safeguard vulnerable communities from violence and displacement.

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