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The Corruption Yahaya Bello Tried to Eliminate in Kogi State


The Corruption Yahaya Bello Tried to Eliminate in Kogi State

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Before Yahaya Bello became the Governor of Kogi State, corruption was rampant, particularly in the area of employment. Local and state government officials would promise jobs to community members, often requesting their credentials and sometimes even demanding payment for these supposed employment opportunities (Buying and Selling of Employment Slots). However, these promises were rarely fulfilled, and the applicants would never hear back.

What many people didn’t realize was that these jobs were indeed being created, but not for the applicants. Instead, the officials would use the collected credentials to create ghost workers—individuals who were officially on the payroll but did not actually work. These ghost workers’ salaries were then collected by the corrupt officials.

When Yahaya Bello took office, he recognized the depth of this corruption. To address it, he initiated a comprehensive screening exercise aimed at identifying and eliminating ghost workers. This effort uncovered numerous individuals who were receiving salaries without proper qualifications or any actual work.

Some of these corrupt individuals were found to be collecting multiple salaries each month, exacerbating the financial drain on the state.

The problem in Kogi State was twofold: it stemmed both from greedy individuals exploiting the system through ghost employment and from the government’s own embezzlement of state funds. Governor Bello’s efforts were a crucial step towards tackling this deeply rooted corruption.

The most people that were actually against Yahaya Bello back then, were one way or the other benefiting from the scheme.


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