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Top 10 Bloggers In Ebiraland (Ebira Bloggers)


Top 10 Bloggers In Ebiraland (Ebira Bloggers)

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If you think Ebira People are only known for normal day to day businesses you have got to think again; as we bring you the Top Bloggers doing great stuffs in Ebiraland!

In this post you’ll find Top 10 Bloggers in Ebiraland, that will never fail to inspire you, with topics ranging from technology, entertainment, fashion and lifestyles, or even information on politics; and not just a must-read for Ebira People, but for every citizen of the Web.
While there are many bloggers in the world, with over 1.7 billion websites in the world it can be pretty difficult to figure out those that are doing great stuff that worth your attention. So, I’ve taken the time to narrow the list of Top Bloggers down to my local geographical area (Ebiraland), so I compile this list of the Top 10 Bloggers in Ebiraland to make your task easier.

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Bloggers In Ebiraland
Bloggers In Ebiraland

Who is a Blogger?

According to A blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website. A political blogger might provide weekly commentary on current events. A personal blogger keeps a website which may include diary-like entries, photographs, and links to other sites. Such a blog is a record of how the blogger spends her days — vacations, weekend outings, books and movies she’s watched, and so on. Fashion bloggers might take photos of outfits or link to shopping sites, and pop culture bloggers might recap last night’s TV shows. Blogger comes from blog, first used in 1998 as shorthand for weblog.

Top 10 Bloggers in Ebiraland With Their Blogs

S/NName of BloggersBlogs/Channel
1Ismail KabirEbiraview
2Alex AdeizaEbira Reporters
3Ismaila Tijani OmeizaFlexytunes
4Yakubu Binuyaminu AdeizaEbira Online Media
5Daniel Onimisi FordKogi Biography
6Rahman ZamilClassiq Vibes
7Audu Abdulfatah LecoLeco360 Media
8Abdulbasit OmeizaEbira Home
9Isah Amoto IbrahimEverything9ja
10Ibrahim Medinat OyizaNano Services

1. Ismail Kabir (EbiraView)

Top 10 Bloggers In Ebiraland

The owner of EbiraView is topping my list, Ismail Kabir is ranked the best blogger in Ebiraland for so many reasons, which I will mention few below; One can say that the EbiraView owner is the very first blogger in Ebiraland to base their blog topics strictly on Ebira Niche. He is my mentor and the number one Ebira Blogger I look up to.

2. Alex Adeiza (Ebira Reporters)

Consistency is key, Alex Adeiza is a news blogger and a Vlogger (YouTuber), he own EbiraReporters blog and the man behind Alex Adeiza YouTube Channel, he is one of the most consistent blogger we have, his blog’s official Facebook page has over 12k likes and followers, his position as the second best Ebira Blogger is well deserved.

3. Ismaila Tijani Omeiza (FlexyTunes)

Flexytunes is a popular Music and media site, that focuses on Entertainment gist and music downloading, before we have other blogs in Ebiraland, Flexytunes and one other Wapka site is the best to go to site in terms of Ebira Music downloading and streaming. Ismaila Tijani Omeiza is 3rd best Ebira blogger in 2021.

4. Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Ebira Online Media)

The man behind Ebira Online Media is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza, Adeiza is popularly known as Binoosmart his nickname, he is a Product Designer, Software Developer, Blogger & Vlogger and an Internet Marketer. His personal Ebira Online Media official Facebook page currently has over 7k page likes with Several numbers of Subscribers on YouTube. Click Here to Subscribe

Yakubu Binuyaminu is the first Developer to put an Ebira App on Google Plays tore click here to install for android, So Yakubu Binuyaminu is the fourth best Ebira Blogger in 2021.

5. Daniel Onimisi Ford (Kogi Biography)

Daniel Onimisi Ford is the brain behind Kogi Biography, He is not just a Blogger but also Vlogger (YouTuber) and a web developer, Daniel is considered one of the best SEO experts we have. Daniel Onimisi Ford is the 5th Best Ebira Blogger.

6. Rahman Zamil

See the man that owns Classiq Vibes Blog and Facebook group with over 55k Members, Rahman Zamil is an Entertainment Niche blogger and content creator, Rahman Zamil is both a Blogger and a Business man. so at the point of writing this article, Rahman Zamil is currently the 6th top Ebira Blogger in 2021.

7. Audu Abdulfatah Leco

Unlike other bloggers on my list that are both bloggers and Vloggers, Leco of Leco-360 have his own unique way to come into blogging, he uses his Facebook page of over 3k followers and his personal Facebook profile of about 991 followers as at the time of compiling this write-up as his own blogging channel.

Blogging can be done from anywhere so far you have audience. Leco is the 7th Top Ebira Blogger in 2021.

8. AbdulBasit Omeiza

Basit is the man behind one of the most popular YouTube Channel in Ebiraland (Ebira Entertainment Channel), he also just started his blog (Ebira Home) Basit is doing great in his blogging career so far, as a matter of fact he is one of the best YouTubers in Ebiraland. Abdul Basit is the 8th Best Blogger in Ebiraland.

9. Isah Amoto Ibrahim

Isah Amoto Ibrahim is the brain behind, he is writer and social media marketer, he is also a business man, he holds the 9th position in our list.

10. Ibrahim Medinat Oyiza

Here is the King of Boys, Medinat came into blogging with a unique dimension unlike other Bloggers writing about Music, Entertainment, Gossip and News, Ibrahim Medinat Oyiza came into blogging with a totally different Niche Business and personal Finance. Medinat has a blog where she talks about savings, Investment, Personal Finance and business guides. Check out Nano Services Blog to see some of her contents, Click Here.

Conclusively; We do have other bloggers out there that their names are not even included in our list, we hope to see their works later in future.

Thanks for reading please take your time to drop your comments below and share this content with your friends and families.

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