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Top 10 Richest Men in Kogi State in 2022 With Their Net worth


Top 10 Richest Men in Kogi State in 2022 With Their Net worth

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In this post I will be talking about Richest Men in Kogi State Nigeria, Everyone really wants to know who the richest person is and who to name anytime they have an argument with anyone. Their are lots of rich people out their that are from Kogi State, but they have distance their selves from anything social Network or internet. But in this post I will be showing you the top 10 richest Men in Kogi State with their Net Worth.

You know most times you see people saying that money does not bring us happiness but what they forget to understand is that, with money, we enhance the journey to happiness and at least, we can help others better with both heart and wealth, at the same time finds it easy to serve God if you are a person of fate.

There is a fact that even though we all have a big heart and feel for the poor and the unlucky out there, most of us don’t really help those less fortunate than the rich who might now really care for them but care more about their reputation or business awareness.

According to a record pulled from Oxfam report in 2021, it was reported that, the combined wealth of Nigeria’s five richest men could end ultimate poverty in Nigeria. So, today Ebira Online Media brings you these people who are, whether willing to help or not are drawing a better picture of the future for our unlucky fellows!

Now see how they make those hefty fortunes, what kind of assets they own, and who are the richest men in Kogi State Nigeria in 2022:

We will show not only the people’s net worth but also show their tribes in Kogi State

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Richest Men in Kogi State and their Net Worth in 2022

S/NFull NameOccupationTribeNet Worth in Naira
1.John ObaroSoftware, FINTECH – RemitaOkun100 Billion Naira
2.Aliyu AbubakarOil & Gas and Real EstateEbira60 Billion Naira
3.HRH. Ado IbrahimEconomist and Oil & GasKing of Ebiraland60 Billion Naira
4.Mohammed Bello AdokeAttorney & PoliticianEbira45 Billion Naira
5.Prince Abdulmalik AdoElectric Car ManufacturerEbira45 Billion Naira
6.Yahaya Adoza BelloBusiness Man & PoliticianEbira40 Billion Naira
7.Idris WadaPoliticianIgala32 Billion Naira
8.Senator Dino MelayePoliticianOkun30 Billion Naira
9.Sam AdesanmiBusiness ManOkun12 Billion Naira
10.Ibrahim IdrisPoliticianIgala10 Billion Naira

The table above shows the list of Richest People in Kogi State in 2022 See pictures below

Aliyu Abubakar

Richest Men in Kogi State

Aliyu Abubakar is the president and the CEO of AA Oil and the owner of A Properties Nigeria Limited

Mohammed Bello Adoke

Mohammed is one of the richest Politician & listed on most popular Politician. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Mohammed Bello Adoke net worth is approximately 45 Billion Naira.

Prince Abdulmalik Ado

Prince Malik, along with investment bank Morgan Grenfell Private Equity, owns 50% of the $285 million Arrows Team. Malik has invested more than $70 million into the team. He is a very clever businessman who believes that within three years Arrows F1 business will be worth $1.5 billion to $2 billion…

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Yahaya Adoza Bello

Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is the current Governor of Kogi State Nigeria, Governor bello is the president of Fairplus Motors before he became the Governor of Kogi State in 2015.

Idris Wada

Idris Wada is a formal Kogi State Governor

Senator Dino Melaye

Formal Senator in Kogi State Nigeria

Natasha Akpoti

Natasha, the second of four children, and the only daughter of a Nigerian father and a Ukrainian mother. Her mother, Ludmila Kravchenk, is a Ukrainian from Rakitna in the region of Chernivtsi. Her father, Dr. Jimoh Abdul Akpoti, is from Obeiba-Ihima, Kogi State.

She spent her early years in Ihima, Okene Local Government[9] She lost her father in 1998 and the family had to relocate. She studied at the University of Abuja from 2000 to 2004 and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree. She was called to the Nigerian bar in 2005 upon graduation from the Nigerian Law School in Abuja.

In 2011, she proceeded to the University of Dundee and graduated with a Master of Laws degree in 2012. She holds a Master of Business Administration in Oil & Gas Management from the University of Dundee.

Senator Yakubu Oseni

Sam Adesanmi

Ibrahim Idris

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  1. Hi sir, i like your blog,am also a blogger and a web developer am from kogi state,CEO Gabriel tv.
    Please message me via whatapp thanks boss

  2. is it not a shame that your list consists of a former attorney General of the federation who is standing trial for curroption?and a sitting governor who is not been questioned because of imunity and was not worth a billion or close to that when he became governor? Do a bit more investigations to show the source of the wealth you attach to the names. When Forbes magazine enlist people as the richest…there is always the verifiable source of their wealth included on their profiles..lets not make a mockery of the noble profession of journalism please.

  3. its a shame that your article is listed with mostly people who had no source of wealth but government. Apart from maybe two, apparently the rest of them made money from serving in government. I expect that you should have done a thorough investigation of how they came about the billions attached to their names so as to teach our children that wealth comes with hard work and not by stealing or diverting government funds to private accounts…Still, it is a big shame on our collective sensibilities…

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