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Top 5 Fully Funded UK Scholarship You Should Apply Now (2022 – 2023).


Top 5 Fully Funded UK Scholarship You Should Apply Now (2022 – 2023).

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Is the United Kingdom your dream country to study but don’t have what it takes to go abroad? Well, today is your lucky day, as I will be listing out on this post the top 5 Fully Funded UK Scholarship You can apply right now, with no hassle.

United Kingdom has been known for the hospitality, good whether and good atmosphere for eduction, also best known country for helping home based and international students getting the best in Education.

Student enjoys studying in the UK because it offers 1 year Master’s program if someone wants to do a Master’s in the UK. Here in this article, we have published a List of All UK Scholarships for 2023 that are currently open and accepting applications from all international students from any country with any nationality.

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The UK Scholarship will cover all your expenses for the full duration of the program. Each Scholarship has its own criteria, requirements, details, and a different method to apply. So, you can apply for any Scholarship which you like.

Top 5 Fully Funded UK Scholarship You Should Apply

The British government has opened its door to any student from any part of the world. It is a life-changing opportunity to complete Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree at any UK University. There is no application fee required to apply for the UK Scholarship.

UK Scholarships are affiliated with 395 universities and colleges, offering over 50,000 Degree Programs in UK Universities.

1. Fully Funded Clarendon Scholarship in the UK – 2023

Clarendon offers 150 Fully Funded Scholarships each year. You will automatically be considered for the Clarendon Scholarship if you apply before the application deadline at the University of Oxford.

The Clarendon Scholarship is available at the University of Oxford to pursue Masters’s or Ph.D. Degree Program.

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2. Oxford University Fully Funded Scholarship for 2023.

The entry for the Oxford University Scholarships for 2023 is now open. Oxford University is for you. All international undergraduates, Masters, Ph.D. students can apply.

Oxford University offers Scholarships in which you will be automatically considered.

Explore a variety of programs. More than 1,000 Scholarships are offered by Oxford University for the 2023-24 entry.

3. Gates Cambridge Fully Funded Scholarship for 2023/2024.

The GCS is a Fully Funded Scholarship for U.S. and International students to complete Masters and PhD. Degree at Cambridge University from the United Kingdom.

Each year Bill gates award 80 Full Scholarships Without IELTS in any subject at Cambridge University that covers Flight Tickets, Accommodation, Tuition Fee, Visa, Heal insurance, and everything.

4. Great UK Scholarship

GREAT scholarships are scholarships to study at UK universities across a variety of subjects, for students from 18 countries. The GREAT Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship to complete Master Degree program. A total of 310 Scholarships will be provided. The Scholarship is Funded by the Government of the UK and the British Council. You can complete your Master Degree Program in any of the 18 UK Universities.

5. Common Wealth Fully Funded Scholarship in the UK.

The Commonwealth Scholarships in UK Universities are for Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs. This CSC 2023 Scholarship is Funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) which selects international students to complete their Degree program in any UK under a Commonwealth Scholarship.


In this post I have covered like 5 Fully Funded UK Scholarships that you can sign up for right now, be low are the list once again.

  1. Clarendon Fully Funded Scholarship
  2. Oxford University Fully Funded Scholarship
  3. GATES Cambridge Fully Funded Scholarship
  4. GREAT UK Fully Funded Scholarship
  5. Common Wealth Fully Funded Scholarship.

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