Tragic Suicide: Man Jumps Into Lokoja River Due to Economic Hardship

Tragic Suicide: Man Jumps Into Lokoja River Due to Economic Hardship

In a deeply distressing incident, the Kogi Police Command has confirmed the unfortunate suicide of an unidentified man who reportedly jumped into a river in Lokoja. This heartbreaking event sheds light on the hardships faced by many individuals in these challenging economic times.

The incident, which occurred between 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m., was confirmed by the Command’s Public Relations Officer, SP Williams Ovye-Aya. According to Ovye-Aya, a search team led by a Divisional Police Officer was dispatched to the Meme Bridge on Ganaka-Ajaokuta Road, where the man was reported to have taken the drastic step.

Although the man’s slippers were discovered at the scene, his body has not yet been found, prompting an extensive search operation. As of now, the man’s identity remains unknown, as no family members have come forward to report his absence. The police are relying on reports from concerned citizens to piece together the details of the incident.

Two different accounts of the suicide have emerged. Some sources claim that the man left his tricycle on the bridge before jumping into the river, while others suggest that he disembarked from another person’s tricycle before taking the fateful leap.

Ovye-Aya emphasized the importance of finding the man’s body amid this tragic circumstance and urged residents of the state to refrain from such desperate actions, even in the face of economic difficulties. He reminded everyone that circumstances can change for the better, and seeking help is a better alternative.

An eyewitness, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed astonishment at the man’s decision to end his life due to economic hardship. Efforts to rescue the individual were hindered by the presence of a snake in the vicinity, leading to a call for police assistance.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for mental health support and community outreach programs to help individuals facing economic challenges and emotional distress.

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