Tribute to the elder state man Late Sen. Ahmad Tijani Ahmad Rufai of Blessed Memory


16 years Without Our Leader Sen. A. T. Ahmad Of A Great Memories Who Shall Never Escape Our Memory.

Tribute to the elder state man Late Sen. Ahmad Tijani Ahmad Rufai, may Allah expand his grave and make aljannatul firdause to be his final abode.

Let me start by borrowing this proverb “A cow does not know the value of its tail until it cuts up”.

The late Sen. A. T. Ahmad Rufai, was a well known Leader with good posterity in history of Kogi State and the Central (Ebira) respectively, in his life time he choose humanity as a profession, thousand of people were sustain their life in his Humanitarian directly or indirectly.

His Exellency Sen. A. T. Ahmad Rufai, played a vital role in keeping Ebira, Igala to Kabba axis clean, as a result of his political activities, the constant clear the game from sentiment, the entire politics become clean and save, no any shrub or thrones that criminals and wild animal can hide themselves to hurt innocent soul, people were busy carried out with the rightful owner of position.

Since Sen. A. T. Ahmad answered the clarion call of his creator, Political activities was collapse in Kogi State, in fact the axis become a dense forest and hidden place of criminal element that threaten the life of innocent before the arrival of the Executive Governor of Kogi State; His Exellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello.

Alhamdulilah His Exellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello started clearing the Sentiment and Politics of bitterness Among geo-political axis, indeed its a welcome development, we are once again appealing to His Exellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello to continue with his effort and implemented this democratic relationship as a continuous rotation as it belong to three geo-political axis to take it position, Your Exellency you have already written your name with a National Golden Pen Among others and we still Entrusted our Trust in You.

May Almighty Allah Bless and Grant Late Sen. A. T Ahmad an eternal rest. On 10th June 2006 is just like today, a good posterity is indeed a living habit.

Rtr. Yaqub Enesi Tijani Yak, SNPA.
Concern son of Kogi State.

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