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Unappreciated Labour: Political foot soldier believes Kogi workers should be grateful for 80% salary Payment.


Unappreciated Labour: Political foot soldier believes Kogi workers should be grateful for 80% salary Payment.

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In Kogi State, there’s a troubling belief among some political figures that the hardworking state employees don’t deserve their full salaries. Recently, a person called Eja Nla, also known as Hajj Ciroma, shared on Facebook that paying workers only 80% of their salary should be enough, saying “When you show appreciation, they do more. May Ododo succeed.”

This attitude is unfair, especially considering the tough times in Kogi State. Many people are struggling, and every bit of their salary matters. It’s shocking to think that after all the hardships during the previous governor’s time, anyone would suggest that workers should be grateful for less than what they’re owed.

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While regular folks are just trying to get by, some politicians are living in luxury, building big houses and driving fancy cars. This huge gap between the rich and the rest of us shows how broken things are.

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Gov. Usman Ododo

We, the people of Nigeria, especially those in Kogi State, need to stand up and demand better treatment. The government should make it a priority to pay workers what they’re owed, without question.

Thinking that paying only part of someone’s salary is a favor shows how messed up things have become. We need to hold our leaders accountable, not just now, but for the wrongs of the past too. The authorities should investigate and punish anyone who’s cheated the people of Kogi State.

Let’s not accept crumbs when we deserve the whole loaf. It’s time to unite and demand fairness, respect, and justice for every worker in Kogi State. Only together can we make things right and build a brighter future for our state and our country.

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  1. This Is Outright Stupidity In Total Disorderliness Why Should Kogites Apparently Appreciate An All Low 80% Salary Payment Why Do They Think It’s Called Salary Because They Are Due For It If For Any Reason Reason You Fail To Pay 100% Salaries You Are Only Cheating On Them More Over I Sincerely Believe Kogite Have Been Left Behind In Terms Of Good Representative Our People At The Helm Of Affairs Have To Do More In Other To Earn This Praises They Are Yearning For

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