Health Benefits, Uses of Sodom Apple Leaf (Ewe Bomubomu in Yoruba)

What is Sodom Apple?

Health Benefits, uses of Sodom Apple Leaf (Ewe Bomubomu in Yoruba)

Uses of Sodom Apple LeafCalotropis procera commonly known as Apple of Sodom is a species of flowering plant in the Milkweed family, Asclepiadaceae that is native to West Africa as far south as Angola, North and East Africa, Madagascar, the Arabian Peninsula, southern Asia, and Indochina to Malaysia.

The species is now naturalized in Australia, many Pacific islands, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean islands.

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Other common names of the herb include Sodom apple, stabragh, kapok tree, king’s crown, rubber bush, or rubber tree, Calotropis, auricula tree, cabbage tree, calotrope, camel tree, Dead Sea fruit, desert wick, French cotton, giant milkweed, Indian milkweed, mudar fiber, mudar plant, rooster tree, Sodom’s milkweed and swallow-wort.

Genus name comes from the Greek words kalos meaning beautiful and tropos meaning boat in reference to the flowers. Specific epithet from Latin means tall.

Sodom’s apple milkweed exudes a milky white sap (latex) when the plant is cut or broken, which although toxic is widely used in many traditional medicines.

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Is sodom apple poisonous to humans?

Health Benefits of Sodom Apple Leaf (Ewe Bomubomu in Yoruba)

The name ‘sodom apple’ comes from its resemblance to the Biblical city of Sodom which was destroyed by fire and brimstone for its wickedness.

It is also known as the nightshade, and its fruit is poisonous to humans but the leaf isn’t poisonous to human. It is a member of the Solanaceae or nightshade family, which includes tomatoes and potatoes.

Is sodom apple medicinal?

Health Benefits of Sodom Apple Leaf (Ewe Bomubomu in Yoruba)

The plant is also known and used medicinally in South and tropical America, due to its cultivation.

Skin problems treated by the plant include: wounds, scabies, sores, external infections, swellings, rheumat- ic pains, leprosy, toothaches, eczema and even the treatment of paralyzed limbs. More will be discussed in this article.

Which part of sodom apple is poisonous?

The stems of this fruit bearing tree seep a milky and venomous resin and its function is to excrete toxins from the plant and protect against animals.

Where can I buy sodom apple?

It’s native to Indochina, Western Asia, South Asia, North Africa, and Tropical Africa. So you can get them in these part of the places mentioned above.

Where does sodom apple grow?

Sodom apple (Solanum incanum) plants are readily available in tropical and subtropical areas growing naturally as shrubs in open fields, along the roads or as weeds.

What are the uses of Sodom Apple leaf?

Health Benefits of Sodom Apple Leaf (Ewe Bomubomu in Yoruba)
  1. The leaf serves as a coagulant, it is use to make cheese, it makes the milk to come together instead of alum.
  2. For the women that just gave birth and milk is not coming out of the breast, just take some leaves and boil them for some minutes and drink the water.
  3. Yes it is good in treating chickenpox or measles. Just grand the leaf add it to original black soap mix it very well and use it to bath. It will dry off the chicken pox.
  4. It is not poisonous, it is used for stomach aches soak it in dry gin and drink one shot
  5. It can be soak in either schnapp or Palm wine with milk for typhoid.
  6. Yes, you can also cook it with lemon grass and lime to treat malaria.
  7. It is good for pile that is already out, get manshanu (in hausa) rub the manshanu on the Leaf and place over your coal when the leaf becomes warm and the oil start dripping, place it on the ànus. It’s painful but effective.
  8. For tooth ache, cut and drop the whitish that comes out of it on the tooth with hole and chew on the root with the affected tooth.
  9. It is used in driving snake away from the vicinity
  10. It is also used for diabetes, pluck two leaves and place it on the floor, make sure you wear socks and place your feet on it for some hours. Do it daily for a week, go and do check up again and diabetes will be gone.
  11. It is used for Asthma, take nine leaves for men and seven for women, wash and arrange it in a pot and boil for 15 minutes with little water, drink it warm half glass cup both morning and night for seven days, if water finish add another water to it until you see result.

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