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Video: An Angry Man Caught on Camera Destroying Wife’s Clothes After a Fight in Okene


Video: An Angry Man Caught on Camera Destroying Wife’s Clothes After a Fight in Okene

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An unknown man has been caught on camera tearing his wife’s begotten clothes and that of his wife’s mother.

People can be heard pleading with the man to stop the act, the wife also pleaded tearfully, begging him in the name of God and his messenger (SAW), but didn’t listen.

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Social media users have reacted towards the man’s action bitterly, some said he isn’t worthy of being called Mallam while some people asked for immediate arrest of the man.

Watch the video below:

After watching please read people’s response to the video.

People’s Reaction

I blame the man for approaching this issue violently, we have so many diplomatic ways of handling situations, he shouldn’t have chosen violence.

We also need to hear his own side of the story because I can hear him saying “I have told you to stop tearing my clothes anytime we had a fight” which means the wife tore his clothes first.

I can’t ignore the fact that she’s begging him in the name of God though.Yakubu Binuyaminu

Husband that has no patience. and the wife that has no patience. May the almighty Allah give us a peaceful home amen.
Say no to Violence.Sanni Muhammad Jamiu

He is even being called Mallam! I’m so mad this night. My emotion is ruined. So much in my guts that I wish I can vomit. I feel for this sister. Something has to be done 😢Abubakar ES Ozioto

When I saw this, do you believe I woke my mum from sleep to confirm something? I know this man and his wife o… The lady is selling cola nut in Okene market o..

He is not a Malla o.. This life no balance.Rukkayat Muhammed

Hmmmm God is great o my people this one week me for our guys o ,it really hurt to see our guys hurting our ladys while other tribes make us happy hmmmm may Allah help us AminAbdulazeez Khadijat Onono

God forbid such man this is inhuman just because of mere quarel u tore all her clothes, to the extent dat people around pleading with d name of Almighty Allah, yet he turn his deaf ears… Such man doesn’t deserve to be call a husband…… Bad moodsBello

Responses (3)

  1. You should have gone deeper to the primary cause of the fracas and not social media reactions.

  2. Anger, violence, inhuman, ego centric, African chuvenism, and questionable character reigns in some so called husbands.

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