We Are Working Towards Uniting Yunique, Hajj & Sharon Sonia – Mr. MJ Adeiza Kogi


Yunique Oziori’s manager, Mr. Mj Adeiza Kogi, has taken the initiative to foster everlasting unity between Yunique, Sharon Sonia, and Hajj. These three rising stars, hailed as Kogi Central’s greatest treasures in the entertainment industry, are set to reunite in the coming days, according to the manager.

Dispelling any notions of a rift, Mr. Mj Adeiza Kogi emphasized the importance of strengthening their bond to achieve a shared vision for progress. He expressed concern that outside influences could exploit perceived divisions and sow enmity among them. It is crucial for Yunique, Sharon, and Hajj to unite, leaving no room for detractors to manipulate their relationships.

“All that has transpired is the handiwork of backbiters, who claim to favor one artist over the other. But I assure you, the entertainment industry is on the brink of witnessing an extraordinary harvest from these talented individuals and many more in the coming weeks,” assured Mr. Mj Adeiza Kogi.

Hajj Ciroma

Furthermore, he appealed to the public, urging them to recognize that the dynamic between two people engaged in spirited exchanges often stems from a place of love. By embracing love and unity, they can collectively focus on breaking the shackles of stagnation and propel their shared community, Anebira, towards prosperity.

Yunique Oziori’s manager, Mr. Mj Adeiza Kogi, exudes confidence as he spearheads the efforts to reunite these talented stars. The entertainment world eagerly awaits the exciting developments that lie ahead, as Yunique, Sharon Sonia, and Hajj prepare to join forces once again. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly-anticipated reunion.

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