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“Where is your BBL” – Netizens Question Nancy Isime’s New Look in Recent Video


“Where is your BBL” – Netizens Question Nancy Isime’s New Look in Recent Video

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“Where is your BBL” - Netizens Question Nancy Isime's New Look in Recent Video

Nancy Isime, the popular Nollywood actress and show host, has sparked a flurry of reactions among her fans with her recent video showcasing her transformed physique.

In the video, Nancy flaunts her rigorous workout routine, boasting about her improved sprinting abilities and effortlessly reaching 20MPH on the treadmill. However, what caught the attention of many fans was the significant change in her figure, particularly the apparent decrease in the size of her backside, leading to speculations about her potentially removing her Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

Observers noted that Nancy appeared considerably slimmer than before, with her once prominent backside now appearing flatter.

Captioning the video, she wrote:

“Okay, but can you Sprint at 20MPH and make it look easy?🤨

My sprinting game keeps getting tighter, and I’m loving it!🥰

By the way, this month makes it 6 years since I made Fitness my lifestyle and I wouldn’t change anything about this Journey❤️ Forever to Go💪🏽.”

The post has sparked discussions among fans, with many expressing surprise and curiosity about Nancy’s transformation.

Watch the video below:

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