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Woman Ends 14-Year Marriage After Meeting ‘Soulmate’ Only For Him to Dump Her


Woman Ends 14-Year Marriage After Meeting ‘Soulmate’ Only For Him to Dump Her

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A woman has gone viral online after sharing the shocking tale of how she ended her marriage of 14-years, believing she’d found her soulmate in another.

The pair shared an “electric” night, eating, drinking and talking, before they parted ways.

A month later, without having any further communication with the man, Amanda Trenfield left her husband – only to then be rejected by her soulmate.

Amanda shared her story in The Sydney Morning Herald, telling how it all started when she attended a three-day conference in Australia with her husband and her eyes locked with a man named Jason at a formal dinner.

She claims there was an “instant familiarity” and she lost her breath at this moment.

The two went on to shared wine and she tried a spoonful of his dessert, later enjoying a glass of wine together back in the hotel bar talking until last orders were called and into the early morning hours.

Amanda, a life coach, recalled how the energy between the two of them was “somehow charged” and “electric” and that she knew that this was more than just lust or physical attraction.

She said: “We enjoyed a body-hugging embrace where I whispered into his ear, ‘This isn’t over, I need to see you again.’ He put his hands tightly on my waist and pulled me close. ‘Yes,’ he replied. It was all I needed to hear.

“I had never felt anything like this before.

“I now know without hesitation, without question, without any doubt in my mind, my body or my heart, that the energy we experienced that evening was our souls connecting.”

Amanda claims the next few days were a blur as she couldn’t focus on her job, running the house or taking care of her two children, as she was distracted by the knowledge that she’d just met her soulmate.

But the story takes a dramatic turn when four weeks after the dinner, Amanda boldly decided to end her marriage – despite not having any further communication with Jason since that evening.

Eagle-eyed readers noticed that the extract was taken from Trenfield’s new memoir – When A Soulmate Says No.

The title of the book had people gobsmacked as they realised that she had left her husband, only to be rejected by her supposed soulmate.

Thousands of people on Twitter shared their thoughts, with many admitting this is the kind of story they would have taken to their grave. Others were keen to know more about Jason and his account of that meeting.

One person posted: “Girl they couldn’t have tortured this out of me at Guantanamo.”

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