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“You will continue to suffer” – Mum lays cur$e on her daughter for not inviting her to wedding (Video)


“You will continue to suffer” – Mum lays cur$e on her daughter for not inviting her to wedding (Video)

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An elderly woman has rained causes on her daughter who she claims did not invite her to her wedding, despite all the struggles she went through in life to raise her.

She further added that even after her daughter gave birth twice, she still didn’t invite her for “Omugwo” but instead, she invited her husband’s sibling.

The pained elderly woman rained causes on her daughter, saying she will never know peace and will continue to suffer until she uses her mouth to say the bad thing that her mother had done to her.

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She further extended the curses to her daughters-in-law, saying that if anyone had eaten or taken what belongs to her, then they will also continue to suffer as they all disrespected her together.

In her words:
“I thank the most high God who has made me to be alive from the Year 2022 to 2023.

I thank God for keeping me alive and helping me to give birth to somebody like Chinyere Judith Okoye. Although she doesn’t respect me or have any value for me I still thank God for making me give birth to her. I think God who sees in secret and in public.

I thank God for his goodness in the life of my daughter, Chinyere. I’m grateful to him for letting me give birth to her healthy and sound and for training her to the extent I could.

Despite doing all this my daughter paid me back by not inviting me to her wedding, during her introduction and white wedding she didn’t have the decency to inform me about it. Both she and her husband completely ignored me. Even after having two pregnancies she still didn’t invite me for “Omugwo” instead she invited her husband’s sibling for that.

Because of this on this day I decree that as long as she came out from this womb and suck this breast she will continue to suffer in this world. The length of her suffering will be so great that native doctors and prayer houses will not be able to kill her.

She will never see anything good in her life until she uses her mouth to say what I did wrong to her if not she and her husband shall know no peace.

This also includes her in-laws and especially those who eat what belongs to me they shall continue to suffer and no no peace. I am reading this and because of chinyere Judith ojukwu which is the name she bears in Enugu. So shall it be.”

Watch the video below: