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Yunique Deserves To Be Paid 3Million Naira For a Show – Sharon Sonia


Yunique Deserves To Be Paid 3Million Naira For a Show – Sharon Sonia

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Yunique Ozi Ori Sparks Controversy Over Unpaid Artists Ahead of Precious Gift Concert

The highly anticipated Precious Gift Concert, scheduled for June 28, 2023, has been buzzing with excitement as both local and renowned artists gear up to deliver unforgettable performances. However, a storm of controversy has erupted, thanks to local Ebira artist Yunique Ozi Ori, who took to social media to accuse the concert organizers of undervaluing and not adequately compensating local artists. Adding fuel to the fire, Yunique’s estranged wife, Sharon Sonia, passionately expressed her support for his stance.

Yunique, a beloved figure among the Ebira people, voiced his concerns during a live broadcast on Facebook. He lamented the lack of respect shown to local artists and insisted that they should be remunerated before any outside artists are invited to perform. While some criticize Yunique for his confrontational approach, the organizers have not explicitly stated that they will neglect to compensate local artists for their contributions to the event.

Sharon Sonia

Meanwhile, Sharon Sonia, who has maintained a separate public image despite her estrangement from Yunique, took to her social media timeline to rally behind her former spouse. In a heartfelt post, she defended his decision to demand fair compensation for his artistic talents. She argued that there is nothing wrong with artists asserting their worth and striving to add value to themselves and their craft. Sharon also highlighted Yunique’s immense popularity among the Ebira community, emphasizing that he is often celebrated more than the invited celebrities at events like the Ebira carnival.

In her post, Sharon urged people to set aside personal sentiments and support artists who are determined to place value on their work. She suggested that Yunique, as a renowned performer who consistently delivers captivating shows, should be honored with a fee of at least 3 million naira for his appearance, unless he himself does not value his talent. Sharon concluded by urging others to be truthful and avoid letting emotions cloud their judgment, asserting that without proper compensation, Yunique’s progress on a national level would be hindered, potentially labeling him as a mere local artist.

The online discourse surrounding Yunique’s accusations has been divisive, with supporters commending him for standing up for his worth, while others view his approach as unnecessarily confrontational and potentially damaging to his career. As the countdown to the Precious Gift Concert continues, all eyes will be on the organizers to see how they address these concerns and ensure that local artists receive the recognition and compensation they deserve.

In the midst of this controversy, one thing remains certain: the Precious Gift Concert promises to be an event filled with extraordinary performances, showcasing both local talents and celebrated artists. As music enthusiasts eagerly await the event, the fate of Yunique’s demands and the broader discussion about valuing local artists hang in the balance, providing an intriguing backdrop to what is sure to be a memorable evening.

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