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Zubair Amoka Has No Right Whatsoever To Decide How People Looks – Comedian Ogawahab


Zubair Amoka Has No Right Whatsoever To Decide How People Looks – Comedian Ogawahab

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Comedian Ogawahab released an open letter to the Kogi State Governor on the shaving of Dreadlocks and Tinted Hair in Okene Nigeria. Read his letter below.

Sir @officialgybkogi,

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Compliments of the season your excellency. Trust my letter meets you well.
I am writing in reaction to a viral video and pictures on social media that has a government official from Okene LG (Zubair Amoka) publicly shaving dreadlocks and colored hairs and threatening to arrest anybody who tries to prevent him from carrying out such.

Over the years, I see you as someone who respects and value human right and for an individual to wake up and not decide to feed people he sees that looks hungry or buy shirts for people he sees whose shirts are torn and needs to be changed or to buy shoes /slippers for people he sees whose
sleepers are old and needs replacement but decides to shave hairs of innocent citizens is only trampling on people’s human rights and he needs to be called to order.

He does not have any right whatsoever to decide for any individual on what hairstyle to carry. Ebiraland/Okene is not a school environment where students are mandated to look some type of way.

If the government official is looking for a way to curb criminality, abusing human right is certainly not the best way to go about it, particularly if you are not dealing with a criminal suspect.

I will be glad if you give appropriate directive to stop the man from further harassing innocent citizens before
it escalates into something else for we love the peace we currently enjoy in Ebiraland.

Yours Sincerely

Abdulwahab Aliu “OGAWAHAB”

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  1. Well be ready to see beyond what you think you want to stop, because more style are coming out every year if you think all the boys carrying dred lock are Yahoo Yahoo. In some foreign country the law will question the offender to know why he or she go against the law of the land. Situation where government officials are against the law,

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