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Ebira Beads (Uweyi). Omoh, Isuu, and Ovene. (3 Types)


Ebira Beads (Uweyi). Omoh, Isuu, and Ovene. (3 Types)

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Ebira Beads (Uweyi). Omoh, Isuu, and Ovene. (3 Types)
Ebira Fashion Beads (Uweyi).

The Ebira Fashion Beads are called Uweyi in Ebira Language, they are small round object with a hole to allow it to be threaded on a cord or wire. They are lots of traditional beads which are worn for beautification and adornment, these beads comes in different sizes and shapes.
Every ethnic groups in Nigeria has their own kinds of beads and Ebira are not in exception. The Ebira Fashion Beads are identify in three forms which are Omoh (the most respected), Isuu and Ovene.

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Omoh (Ebira Fashion Beads)

Omoh are ancient beads, it is believed that the beads are part of the beads to have first existed in Ebira and, they are brown in colour. In the olden days, it is well respected and was only worn by nobles, royals, rich merchant because of its cost, it is very expensive.

It was treasured as Gold, as people who want to save buy the breads and keep it for sales later in the future. Lots of myth follows the bead, as the beads has lots of spiritual values, when the beads are not used for a long time, they disappear on their own and can never be found, It is also believed that the bead cannot be stolen, as whoever steals the beads without confessing continue to steal till the person dies from stealing and that is the more reason why many traders buy them and keep to sell later for profit reasons.

Those who don’t have the beads during the olden days hire these beads or borrow from a relatives during wedding for the bride so that the family will be respected and honoured because of the value of the beads. The beads are still wore today but mostly It is the fake one because the beads are rare and only those who have them in the olden days are those that still have them now.

Isuu (Ebira Fashion Beads)

Isuu, these are another kinds of beads in Ebira land, they are beads which is believed that they were gotten from the Yoruba, they are not too expensive. During Celebration, they come as a replacement for Omoh, because those who couldn’t afford Omoh, buys the Isuu to be wore during their celebrations. The Isuu are red in colour.

Ovene (Ebira Women Fashion Beads)

Ovene, these are blue beads, they are day to day jewellery which is very common among the Ebira Women because they are very cheap and easy to get.
These beads are all forms of adornment and beautification with cultural value and recognition.

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