Ozi Ireha (7 Ebira Pre-destined Names) in Ebiraland

Ebira Pre-destined Names

If you constantly read my article you will know that i have written an article about Ebira People’s Cultural Concept of Naming Ceremony where i analyzed the Ebira Ways of naming their children in the Olden Days so i have decided to give you guys the names that are Ozi’reha (Ebira Pre-destined Names) and what they mean.

Also Note that i said in my previous article that There is something Called ‘Ozi Ireha’ in Ebira Language, during my research I came to the understanding that, the Names so called Ozi Ireha i.e. the likes of Ojo, Ajari, Ige, Taye & Kehinde (Ejima) and so on are not really Ebira Names, but an adopted ones from Yoruba land through the Ebira Traders, that do trading to Yoruba Land.

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Anebira’s believe that a child can be born with pre-destined name for instance a child born with long, thick and curly hair which is not to be cut at anytime. And are known to be strong and stubborn.

Ebira Pre-destined Names and what they mean.

Ebira Names (Ozi’reha) English Meaning
Onyhieche This is a child born in festive periods (Female)
Ojo and Aino This is a child born with the umbilical cord twisted round his/her neck. If this kind of child is male, he is named Ojo, and if female, Aino
Dada This is a child born with long, thick and curly hair which is not to be cut at anytime. Dada is also called Dada awuru or olowo ori and are known to be strong and stubborn
Oke This is a child born with unrupted membranes all over his/her body
Ige This is a child born with breech or footing presentation i.e. the child came out of the womb with the legs first
Ajari This is a child born with face downwards.
Ajoze This is a child born on a pathway usually when the mother is away from home or on a journey
Oni This is a neurotic child who at his/her birth cries all day and night

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